The ‘New’ Teenager

This post is a little overdue because of last weeks events (if you haven’t heard you can catch up here)

Just over a week ago my youngest turned the dreaded 13! Actually I don’t know how this happened as I’m sure it was only last week they were starting school………..feels like that anyway. Also I mean c’mon I’m sure I’m not old enough * runs to check for grey hairs and wrinkles*.

It ended up being slightly unorthodox as his actual birthday was on the Monday however, my OH was unable to get the time off and there was a good chance he was going to be late home. So we gave our youngest the choice of sticking to his ‘real’ birthday or milking it with a ‘day early’ birthday!

Like any 12 yr old he jumped at the chance of getting his pressies early. So everything was set for the Sunday.

Pressies in the morning,

His birthday treat ( a Young Driver lesson)in the afternoon – will do a post on this another time!

His birthday meal at his fav Indian restaurant in the evening.

To say he had a great day was an understatement! His driving lesson was a real surprise and a huge hit. We were able to enjoy a full day all together. I was so glad he made the decision to enjoy it early as the Monday was a complete washout- OH at work and youngest at school, OH was late in and we didn’t do his cake until almost 9pm!!! However, he had quite a few visitors bringing him more cards etc so he was still centre of attention ( generally what he craves anyway).

So now he has had the experience the Queen has every year- 2 birthdays!

Now over a week later I’m thinking I may not survive this this one’s teenage years if the last few days are anything to go by……………..

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    1. It was he really enjoyed it. We have all accepted what happened to George now- still upsetting though 🙁

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