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This is the reason I have been so quiet lately and accounts for my Britmums Live post being so late!

So either side of that week of Britmums Live was a bit mad, for some reason everything seemed to happen at once. My OH’s nan had taken ill a week or so before so we had several trips up to the hospital to see her and helping out my MIL with dinners and washing etc as she had spent most of her time at the hospital. Then I get the news that my nan had been taken to hospital- but it wasn’t that simple just to pop to see her. She lives in Belfast and I’m in London so it’s not exactly round the corner. At that point they had only given her 24hrs to live ( however it was the same for my OH’s nan and she lasted a full 2 weeks) so with that in mind and knowing how quick the funerals take place over there I opted to wait and go to say my goodbyes at the funeral.

However, as it worked out my OH’s nan had already passed away and her funeral was arranged for the 25th of June and I spent the few days on the run up to and the time during Britmums Live waiting for the call to say my nan had passed away. My week after the Britmums weekend consisted of:

Sunday– recovering from the 2 days in London but had friends round for a Chinese in the evening

Monday– a visit to the Chapel of Rest to say our goodbyes to my OH’s nan

Tuesday– the funeral itself

Wednesday– received news that my nan had passed away and so scoured the internet for a decently priced flight, and a great Greek style BBQ at a friends which was a brilliant distraction from everything that was going on.

Thursday– in high street getting some necessities for travelling and also food for the kids and my OH who were not coming with me and last minute packing.

Friday– a flight to Belfast in the morning, and my nans funeral in the afternoon!

Saturday– an extremely early flight home and then the day in bed recovering.

It is certainly a week I do NOT want to repeat!

In tribute I thought I would share with you a picture of each of these lovely ladies taken on their respective 90th birthdays ( this year for my OH’s nan and last year for mine)

Taken last year on her 90th birthday
Taken last year on her 90th birthday
Taken in Jan on her 90th birthday
Taken in Jan on her 90th birthday

Two lovely ladies who will not be forgotten, but it is very sad the think that neither my OH or I have any of our grandparents left now even though we were very lucky to both be well in our 40’s before that happened. So Rest In Peace two fabulous nans xx


7 thoughts on “1 family 2 funerals

  1. So sorry to hear that you’ve both lost a grand parent. May they rest peacefully.
    Lovely photographic mementos to have of both of them, 90 is some age! xx

    1. Yeah that’s what we have been talking about- that is all our grandparents gone and it really is an end of an era 🙁

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