My 50 things before I’m 50 list

                 50 things before I’m 50 list

50 things before I'm 50

**UPDATE** Due to the lockdown I have extended the time limit on my 50 things before I’m 50 until the end of this year for obvious reasons……….and I hope I will be able to achieve a lot of what I have listed (fingers crossed!)

This is a 50 before I’m 50 list with a difference. Not a fantastical bucket list of amazing things to do, but rather a ‘make time for the smaller things’ that will make your day or weekend special list. I’ve also added a few extra special events thrown in that I wont need to win the lottery in order to fulfil them.

I’m due to turn the big 5-0 in July this year. Most of the lists I see for people hitting milestone birthdays are pretty epic and in fairness they give themselves a year or more to do them.

I, on the other hand, only really thought about it recently when it dawned on me that my 50th birthday is in fact this bloody year……………I still can’t quite believe it.

For me though, I feel I have a lot of things I could easily do at any time and yet I don’t actually set the time aside to do them. I’m not really talking about big holidays or jumping from a plane, my body could no longer cope with that. In any case, I have wing walked twice ( on the original Crunchie plane, one of which was at an International Air Display). I’ve also been dangled out of Sea King rescue helicopters too many times to count,so I think I’ve done my daredevil bit when I was much younger.

My 50 things before 50 list is all about the little things. Mainly simple pleasures with a few extra special ones in there. The things we say we will do but never actually organise. The ones that are easily forgotten or rearranged because you need to go food shopping, or you don’t feel well, or something comes up and you don’t get around to doing it. I’ve certainly noticed this pattern over the last year or two for me. Instead of making the time for these moments, one day rolls into the next and before you know it a month has gone past without doing something I either love or would like to do.

To be fair I just started to list them as they popped into my head during January or when something reminded me about them. Before I knew it I had well over 30 and so I took my time to think of the others to make a final list of 50 things to do before turn 50.

As a slight disclaimer there are a couple of special events listed because we got them as Christmas presents, so I do feel like I’m off to a good start.

So, here’s my 50 things before 50 list


1.See the Strictly Tour ( disclaimer Mr B bought me tickets to go for Christmas but I’ve wanted to do it for years)

2. Visit a micro pub

3.  Have a freak shake

4. See a live gig (I bought tickets for Mr B to see Toyah in April so obvs I’ll be the plus 1)

5. Try a new local restaurant for a meal

6. Buy and use a Groupon deal ( for a meal or afternoon tea)

7. See a theatre show…….local, London or Fringe

8. Trip to Ikea to buy all the stuff I know I don’t need ( haven’t been there in about 2 yrs)

9. Visit somewhere that sells pancakes for breakfast

10. Actually buy something new from Topshop instead of feeling I’m too old to even walk in there

11. Have friends round for dinner/ take away and a vinyl night

12. Visit the coast and have fish and chips and an ice cream

13. Go somewhere specifically for cocktails

14. Visit Eltham Palace ( which is 10 minutes away and in 25yrs living in Sidcup I’ve never been)

15. Have a proper breakfast in bed

16. Have a day trip to Camden ( one of my favourite places to visit but haven’t been in over 2 yrs)

17. Have a professional family photo taken ( I have a voucher for this – but I actually need to book it)

18. Go for a walk at Shorne Park ( we used to take the boys here a lot but haven’t been in about 4yrs)

19. Have a game of Scrabble – this is one of my favourites  but we never play it anymore as our go to is Monopoly

20. Visit the Sky Garden in London

21. Have a BBQ ( last summer I think we only had one which is pretty disgraceful)

22. Try having a long relaxing bath with candles etc- anyone that knows me knows I don’t really ‘Do’ self care!

23. Meet up with someone I talk to online but don’t know IRL either at a promotional event or just because we want to

24. Go for a proper picnic and actually use my beautiful picnic basket/set

25. Book into a Planetarium show at Greenwich Observatory

26. Make arrangements to see a friend I haven’t seen in a very long time ( there are a few!)

27. Visit a cat cafe

28. Try a face mask………seriously I have never done one

29. Attend a blog event ( I put this off every time there is one as I hate the thought of being Billy No Mates there!)

30. Try at least 5 new recipes at home

31. Start a dream diary ( my son tells me this most days when I say how mad my dreams are)

32. Have a proper facial – I have only ever had one which was the day before I got married over 25yrs ago!

33. Visit London Zoo…….. I’ve lived on the outskirts of London for over 25yrs and never visited it

34. Play Yahtzee. Like Scrabble its one of my fav games but we no longer play it

35. Spa Day…….I’ve NEVER had a spa day, and if I’m honest I’m not sure it’s even my type of thing but ya know!

36. Read 5 books – from any genre ( I will count audio books in this)

37. Visit St Katherine Docks and Marina in London

38. Have one of those spectacular waffle/ bubble cone ice creams ( a few places in London do these)

39. Have a proper manicure as I’ve only ever had my nails done twice- at my brother’s wedding and at my own

40. Day visit ( or overnight) to Whitstable……….my all time favourite place to go but haven’t visited in 1-2 yrs

41. A solo cinema trip ( I used to love doing this but haven’t been on my own for over a year)

42. Visit a new UK town/ city……..I’ve always wanted to visit Oxford, Bath, Liverpool and Manchester!

43. Watch a sunrise ( I normally don’t see that time of day)

44. Trip to Krakow ( my son gave us the money for this exact trip at Christmas) just need to actually organise!

45. Read a classic book- every year I keep saying I will read A Christmas Carol and then never do (separate to 36)

46. Try a brand new food……..I am one of those people who orders the same things in favourite places!

47. Find and attend a Tai Chi class (always wanted to try this!)

48. Visit a castle – I have Leeds Castle, Hever castle and Rochester Castle all in Kent so close enough for a day trip

49. Get a teeny tiny tattoo – don’t know what yet as I’ve said this for many years and always chicken out

50. Buy and wear a bold lippy ( one that was suggested in my style analysis I had done in 2019 but sill never worn)

So there you have it.

My list of things to make time to do before I’m 50 in July this year (now extended until the end of the year!), with a few proper treats thrown in. I think it’s fairly realistic and achievable. All I have to do now is actually start looking ahead and planning. Making this list will keep me accountable and probably force me to make the effort, rather than allow the time to slip past unnoticed.

What would you have added to the list?                                                                    

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