A nervous day!

Yes, it’s a very nervous day in my household today. It’s the day my youngest son’s 11+ results arrive on our doorstep!!

As the day has drawn closer I have noticed him getting more and more concerned about it. He is hoping to pass but we have tried to warn him that it doesn’t always go to plan and not to be too disappointed if he doesn’t get through.

However, what makes it worse is that he is a bright boy, he has the potential to pass, he has done some work towards it………………but there is never any guarantee.

Going on his work at home, if he finished the practise papers on time he then didn’t do very well. But if he concentrated and didn’t finish the paper on time ( quality rather than quantity) then he tended to get a good score!!!
On both of the test days he came out saying that he had finished the papers…………..not a great sign!!

But you just never know. We are not holding our breath as parents however, we are trying to prepare for the meltdown that will be if he doesn’t ‘pass’ the test. I know he will feel a failure, I know he will feel resentment against his brother ( who did pass a few years ago and attends the school my youngest really wants to go to) and I know tomorrow going into school will be hellish for him!!

You see most people have the opinion that he will pass, I’m afraid that they mistake his confidence (which he has in abundance) for ability! I think he feels under pressure because of this!

These are children who are only 10 or 11 years old. They are too young to have this much pressure. I know of many parents who openly talk about it all in front of them and therefore, the pressure of not being a ‘failure’ is all too apparent.

My post does not arrive until lunchtime…………………….my nerves may not stand it!

Little does he know that I will be steaming that letter open to find out the result before he opens it on his return from school!! I need to be prepared in order to deal with any of his disappointment straight away!!

On the other hand he may pass and be overjoyed……………………………who knows what the day holds.

Either way we will be treating him to dinner out to at least celebrate the fact it will all be over!!!!

3 thoughts on “A nervous day!

  1. I can feel the trepidation….and the suspense! well?? How did it go for him??!!

    I do hope it was a celebratory dinner.

    xx Jazzy

  2. Jazzy……..i'm so proud to say he passed!! That means he will get an automatic place at the grammar his brother goes to, a mixed school he loves!! he's a happy bunny 🙂

  3. oh I am so thrilled for both your son and you as parent's, I totally understand going through it myself with Jessica. I dread next February as the day draws closer and March 1st arrives, how do our nerves stand it? Any tips? Have a fabulous congratulatory meal and very well done all that hard work has paid off!

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