A Night Away and No Kids- Selfish or Not?

A night away with no kids is what I have planned for tomorrow night!

This is very VERY exciting in our little world. There is very little that we do without having the boys with us. This was booked so that when my boys were away with scouts in January my OH and I decided we could sneak away for a night and enjoy a change of scenery and time without the kids. However, it didn’t work that way and the only time we could book was TOMORROW night( Friday 10th), so we went ahead and made arrangements.

So tomorrow we see the boys off to school then we can get ourselves packed up and head off to Lewes!! Ok not somewhere too exotic but a break non the less. The hotel looks fab with a swimming pool and sauna, lovely restaurant and bar and great rooms.

Now we are skint beyond belief this month however this was a Groupon deal we booked before Christmas so has come as a great treat!

We look forward to an Afternoon Tea and sparkling wine on arrival, a 3 course meal with wine in the evening and a full English Breakfast in the morning before we leave…………..all already paid for too!!

So the images above may not actually be what we will get but it wont be far short!!

Now my only problem is the bloody snow!!! I normally love the snow but this time I really want it to piss off so I can go on my fab overnight stay……………………………PRETTY PLEASE I SOOOOO NEED IT RIGHT NOW!

I'm so hoping I do not wake up to this tomorrow- selfish I know!

What have you got planned for the weekend?

4 thoughts on “A Night Away and No Kids- Selfish or Not?

    1. LOL normally I pray for snow!!! But so looking forward to a very rare trip away so we are staying positive that we will get there!!

    1. It was great Mette a lovely little find with a pefect little craft shops and cafe’s! Had a lovely time 🙂

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