A-Z of recent times

A-Arguing…..yes it has started early in the hols with my 11 and 14 yr olds who do NOT get on together!

B-Brother…..I have 2 but my older is travelling over from America and we all haven’t seen him for a long while so should be fun.

C- Cornish Pasties……………one of the treats of visiting mum, the best Cornish pasties!!

D- Danny Boyle……oh what a genius job he did with the Opening Ceremony.

E- emotional as my youngest left primary school and exhausted after all the Leavers celebrations.

F- Family History………….I had the full run down of where we all came from as my younger brother has researched it all in recent months but saw the pics for myself in a recent visit.

G- Great Britain………..C’mon, the nation is proud!

H- HOLIDAYS! at last the long awaited and sometimes dreaded school hols……..I for 1 am glad not to have the early mornings

I- Injustice as my bank account is hacked to the sum of £590 and used for online Bingo!!!!!!!!! Bizarre.

J- Joking

K- Kids………cannot live with them and cannot live without them!! Wish they would just get along and make everyone’s life a little easier.

L- Laughing………..a weeks worth with a stay at my mums!! Don’t ask but she thought Ciabatta bread was called Carburetor bread!!!!!

M- Medication…………has been increased and added to……….but still in pain.

N- NEED a proper holiday, with sunshine and things to visit……….oh and the money to enjoy it!!

O- obviously the Olympics!! Something I wasn’t too bothered about until the opening ceremony and now watch everyday

P- Paralympics! I have been so into the normal games we have bought tickets to a paralympic event to get into the spirit of the whole thing and want to see the Olympic park.

Q- Queen………what a star to get involved in the Games with Mr Bond himself!! Brilliant.

R- Relax………..a few days away and I did just that.

S- SUNSHINE………..yes we had it ………for a week, but oh how lovely it was. Please come back soon.

T- Travelling. To go and visit my family I have to travel from London to Plymouth. Worth the travel but oh sooooooooo tiring for me.

U- Unwashed!!! Not me of course but my youngest on his return from his week long scout camp………………..NASTY!

V- visiting family and relaxing, which I managed to do last week.

W- Wedding! Yes I’m excited to have a family wedding next week. I cannot wait, have a new frock and everything!

X- X marks the spot……..not for treasure but my fishing spot. Have been again and looking to sort my next day there!

Y- YAWN………….more than a regular occurrence for me regardless of how many coffee’s I have.

Z- Zonked!! No other word for it. I am officially Zonked to within an inch of my life at the moment.

One thought on “A-Z of recent times

  1. I hear you on “O”. I tell you what, I was a mumbling grumbler about the Olympics during the doom and gloom of the 7 year buildup, but ever since the opening ceremony I have been totally obsessed. I think I’ve watched everything! Canoe Slalom was a real eye-opener too, that was amazing. EVERYTHING has been so good and so many Brits have done so well (even if they didn’t medal, they achieved personal bests in most cases). Last night at the Athletics was unbelievable too. And the female cycling team have gotten 6 World Records in their last 6 races. How crazy is that?

    Has there even been a bad news report since it started?

    I read a great news report last night
    “Our Cyclists, Rowers, and Athletes are the new Rock n’ Roll of Britain. Its hard to imagine going back to a nation obsessed with overpaid and under-performing footballers after they are over!” Lets hope so.

    Hopefully today, MURRAY Mail with show FED-express how to deliver. (You see what I did there?) 🙂


    Good times, Good times.

    They should just allow us to host it ever four years. HAHAHA!

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