Best Anniversary Ever!

Best Anniversary Ever!

Yesterday was my 18th ( yes you read it right) wedding anniversary. I became Mrs B at the age of 23 after meeting in the Royal Air force. To be honest you don’t think of how long you are going to be together, back then you got married and that was that. It was taken for granted that you would be together forever.

We have had lots of ups and downs just like any couple.In reality being married is never a bed of roses. But whatever we have had to deal with along the way he has always been there, he’s chilled, he goes with the flow, dependable ( meaning not very spontaneous!) and reliable.

Anyway, back to the best anniversary ever. We saw the boys off to school and had decided to take a drive down to Tunbridge Wells for a wander and a nice pub lunch.

So it started with these:

Best Anniversary ever
18 red roses for 18 years- gorgeous!

Then when we arrived at Tunbridge it was this:

Vanilla Lattes and Tiffin!

Then after a lovely mooch around the shops and town it was time for:

Best Anniversary ever
Of course mines was the G&T as OH was driving! YAY


Early I know but it did accompany a lovely plate of pub grub which I actually forgot to take a picture of.

Up until then I had a really lovely relaxed time but things were about to take a turn in a strange direction.

Earlier during our meander we happened upon a great little pet shop ( can you see where I’m going with this), were we had seen some lovely little KITTENS! As regulars will know I already have one cat who totally rules our house and is treated like a princess even though she is only 2 yrs old. Anyway, there had been an unwanted litter brought into the shop on Friday at exactly 8 weeks old. There were only 3 left, a little black and white one and 2 tabby’s.

So, to cut a long story short- AND TO BE HONEST I STILL DON’T KNOW HOW I GOT Mr B TO AGREE- we ended up bringing this one home!

cute kitten

Anyway, we got him and brought him home ( and who said Mr B wasn’t spontaneous?) and because we were married on St Georges Day we thought that George was a fitting name for him. How can you resist the cuteness.


Today has been a lot better and they are still checking each other out- but he needs to leave her food alone or she will be having serious words.

But the day hadn’t finished there, oh no. My eldest ( now 14) decided to make us a celebration cake complete with decoration icing and yummy buttercream.

Anniversary cake
Decorated in the RAF emblem as that is were we met……..aaahhh!
Anniversary cake


That brings me back to my original statement……….BEST ANNIVERSARY EVER!

Normally, this day is usually marred each year as I married on my dad’s birthday and he passed away almost 10yrs ago. Really my anniversary hasn’t been the same since. However, this year for whatever reason I was determined for Mr B’s sake that it wouldn’t take over the day. It was difficult but worth it.

So now we have to go some to make next years anniversary even better……………… I stay away from pet shops next time.

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