Top tips to keep warm in the winter with chronic illness and chronic pain

Tips to keep warm in winter

If you’re new to my blog ( where have you been?) when I talk of chronic illness and chronic pain it’s because I am diagnosed with M/E/CFS, Fibromyalgia and Joint Hypermobility.  Which in very simple terms means I am constantly exhausted and I’m in pain ALL OF THE TIME! Yes that is possible. We may say we are ‘fine’ but internally our bodies are screaming. So you can also find out what we say and what we actually mean here in a post a wrote a while ago. However, I’m now 10 years into living with these conditions and I have become a dab hand at being resourceful at keeping warm in the winter without actually having to blare my heating 24 hours a day.

If you are newly diagnosed with any of these illnesses these tips will not only be helpful but will also hopefully save you a fortune in heating bills!

Our house has been extended and our bedroom is in a Dorma loft so that would mean me having to heat a 3 storey house with only me in it when my husband and son are at work. That just doesn’t make any financial sense to me to do that. I refuse to have the heating on full time when it’s not necessary. Just call me Scrooge!

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