Rowntrees Fruit Bottle Review

Rowntrees Fruit Bottle ReviewI was lucky enough or should I say my boys were very happy to get the opportunity to review the new Rowntrees Fruit Bottles that have hit the shops.

As many of you know we are a sweet loving family!! My OH mainly who could eat a whole bag of wine gums without blinking an eye.

Anyway this is what we were sent:

Look good don’t they. Very retro with the bottle carrier and placed in bottles giving them an added curiosity.

So here are the bags on which you can see it states 25% fruit juice an they have NO artificial colours,flavours or preservatives.

Now although we love a sweet or two here we are also very picky about what we like. I’m very old style with traditional ‘sweet shop’ sweets being my fav’s………… know Cherry Lips, Fruit Salads, Cola Bottles.

Mr B  likes his wine gums and American hard gums.

The kids like a mixture and not the same thing either!! One likes fizzy and the other doesn’t.

So probably the best household to send them to as we all have our own opinions and don’t mine saying them!!

What Rountrees say:

fruit bottles are the perfect throwback to the retro cola bottles of old, only now they come in 5 fruity flavours and contain 25% fruit juice! We hope they give you a delicious blast from the past….


Me : nice flavour and quite fruity but a bit too soft for me- sorry I like a chewy sweet!!

Mr B : loved them for taste and softness. A hit with the sweetie lover!

Eldest: liked them but Rowntrees Randoms are still his favourite!!

Youngest : Liked them, couldn’t say why, he likes sweets- all kinds and these were a hit with him!

So there you have it- you can’t please everyone but you can certainly please most! A hit in our view as a treat for your young ones or yourself if your anything like us.

You can visit their Facebook page for more info.

DISCLOSURE- we were sent the above six bottle pack of Rowntrees fruit Bottles free for review purposes only.

Love sweets??? Rountrees share bags review

We love sweets in this house. To be exact my OH can sit and demolish a pack of wine gums in about 10 minutes. It doesn’t matter when we nip to the shop a bag of sweets will find its way into our bag!!!

Anyway we were sent some of the NEW Rountrees share bags to try. Share being the operative word and something my OH can struggle with once a bag of  sweets are opened.

I opened our lovely package to find these new packs.

Very exciting as the kids ‘bagsied’ the alien ones within seconds….only to be told that really to do a review we all had to try some from each of the bags!

It was all going swimmingly until my youngest became ill before we could try any……….it was almost unbearable to wait until he was better, but we thought it would be very unfair of us to be scoffing whilst he couldn’t eat anything. So we waited, and waited, and waited………until he felt better enough to try them.

So a few facts:

Jelly Aliens – contains 25% fruit juice

Sour faces/ Very Berry Jellies – both contain 50% fruit juice

ALL 3 BAGS   contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives!!


A huge thumbs up from all of us. The kids absolutely loved the Jelly Aliens and the randoms ( especially looking for the new shapes!)but the grown up favourites were definitely the Very Berry Jellies ( definitely very fruity)and the Sour faces ( which really made us pull faces)!!

Rountrees have been around for a while, since 1881 in fact! So how many of their products do you remember?

Fruit Pastilles
Fruit gums ( my all time favourites)
Tooty Frooties
Jelly Tots
Randoms (introduced only 3 years ago)

Although I haven’t been around since 1881 I very much remember them all!

So that only leaves me with 1 burning question……………