Fifty shades of……………….what exactly?

Ok a bit late to this one but I am still seeing all sorts of ‘anti’ 50 shades stuff over social media.

Firstly,  I will admit that I am going to go see this film ( this week hopefully) and I have read ALL of the books ( my views on these you can see here) so you can judge me right there if you like.

Secondly, I DO get the ‘domestic abuse’ issues/ angle totally and can only imagine what a living nightmare it must be to find yourself trapped in that situation.

However, that said I am a 44 year old woman who has been married for almost 21 years, I have two teenage boys and feel that I am sensible enough and have enough ‘life’ experience to be able to separate a so called ‘romantic fantasy’ from an actual real life ‘loving relationship’.

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50 Shades……..or a cuppa and a chunky KitKat?

Yes, Yes I know I’m sooooooooo behind everyone on this but just got the last book as one of my Christmas pressies.

To be honest I jumped on the bandwagon initially to see what all the fuss  was about. Now I couldn’t say that these were the best books I have ever read, but I will admit I did enjoy them as a trashy, no brainer, quick read!

However, by the time I got to the 3rd book I had to constantly remind myself that they still had only been together a few months and therefore they would have been ‘at it’ like rabbits.

But it did start to get on my nerves (jealous, me?…….NAH!) I found it was wasting my time a little to get to Mr Grey’s back story of his mother and adoption etc.

I did actually enjoy the last bit telling the story from his point of view and would have liked a little more of that as you would have been able to understand him a bit better.

Anyway, my point is, in the 3rd book I was really asking myself………….AGAIN……..REALLY??  2nd or 3rd time now in one day……………I THINK I WOULD BE SAYING ‘LOVELY AS THE OFFER IS ANY CHANCE OF A CUPPA AND A CHUNKY KITKAT INSTEAD!!!

So what I want to know is am I on my own with this and therefore my long suffering OH is just deprived……….or would you be in the cuppa and Kit Kat club?


Typical male attidute……… 13!

I think it must just be in a male set of genes ( and I don’t mean the denim type). I’m no worried that I have inadvertently reared ‘another typical bloke’ and he’s only 13!!

Or it may just be the fact he has just soooo much still to learn ( like most blokes!).

Conversation went as follows:

Teen ……’ hey mum they have one of those *nudge nudge* machines in the mens toilets’.

Me……….’ oh yeah, which ones?’ *cough* OMG what is he going to come out with now!

Teen……..’ You know those random ones : Condoms
                                                                    Tic Tacs

                  ‘I mean (he says laughing) how random is that!! Whats the point?’

Ahh bless …………………………………………… a bloke he has a lot to learn!!!!!