Social Media Tips for Small Business

                           Social media tips for small business

Social Media Tips for Small Business

I’m well aware when you run a small business, whether its a company of one or several, quite often you are the one with ALL the responsibilities. All the jobs to do. With an endless and ever growing ‘To Do’ list. At that point social media will constantly fall to the bottom of that list simply due to the lack of time pressure. So I wanted to share some social media tips to help your small business.

I get it. I really do. It’s not a paying customer is it? However, being active on social media when you have a small business can get you seen by a bigger audience that can covert into paying customers. It makes sense that social media becomes part of your marketing strategy rather than an afterthought as something you feel you need to do.

So with time constraints in mind I thought I would share some social media tips to help. Some easy do’s and don’ts that will help you run your account in a smarter way rather than you have to work harder. So here are my favourite social media tips for small business.

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How you can support small independent businesses during lockdown

How you can support small independent businesses during the lockdown


Corona virus

The realities of the Corona virus lockdown means what we would consider as ‘normal life’ has dramatically changed for everyone in one form or another. Parent’s of school aged children are finding themselves in a teacher’s role. People are now working from home if they can, and our elderly family relatives are being told to stay at home and are now separated from their families.

Key workers are working incredibly long hours to help in this crisis. Some people have lost their jobs and small businesses are struggling due to closure or adapting to stay either relevant or afloat. We all know why we are having to adapt our lives. Everyone now realises the seriousness of the situation.

What I have also noticed online in the last week or so, are small businesses local to me either closing their doors completely, adapting to providing a takeaway service or go fully online with their services almost overnight. So I’ve popped together a list on how you can support small independent businesses during lockdown so they can hopefully still be there when this is all over.

I have friends with businesses locally having to really dig deep right now, facing the thought of how they can keep their business going (especially service based such as cleaning, beauty etc). The worry of no income and whether their small business will survive through the pandemic on top of all the normal concerns we all have at the moment.

So, with my social media manager head on now I would like to share a few, very quick and easy, tips on how you can support small independent businesses, during lockdown in your area, from the comfort of your own sofa.

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