Chernobyl – TV Mini Series Review

Have you heard of this new mini series on Sky/ Not TV called Chernobyl and have you watched it yet?


I’m generally a binge watcher when it comes to a TV series although it can be quite hard to avoid spoilers occasionally. With this I didn’t really worry about the spoiler side of things as it’s more of a retelling of real life event from 1986. I was turning 16 when this happened and I can remember it being reported on the news on a daily basis for a very long time.

This series has only 5 episodes and covers in depth what happened from those who were closely involved with dealing with the disaster at the time. It has the highest rating on IMDb in a very short space of time, so that really has to tell you something about the quality of this series.

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After Life ( Netflix TV series) – review

Ok so I would like to get it out there first that in truth I’ve never been a huge Ricky Gervais fan (which stems from seeing a clip of one of his stand up shows where he takes the piss about M.E ……….no, I’m not just a bit bloody tired!) anyway, I wanted to be honest and say that up front now.

My son however is a MASSIVE fan of him and watches (and re watches) both The Office and Extras some of which I love……..favourites being the Sir Ian McKellan and the Ross Kemp ( super army soldiers) episodes. I even a few years ago managed to get BBC audience tickets for a recording of him doing the David Brent song to be used in a show, so you know that shows a mothers love doesn’t it? On said outing my son lost his wallet and had to back into the studio to look for it, everyone else had gone and because we had been delayed leaving we were lucky enough to see Ricky Gervais come down the corridor past us………………………we didn’t stop and ask for a picture but did the casual look and nod instead………..honestly I think my son would have died of embarrassment had I asked for a pic but looking back I really should have for his benefit at the time.

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Film and TV reviews

This is something I have pondered about for a while now. My teen and I have always enjoyed going to the cinema and will talk non stop all the way home about whatever film we have just watched. My son has always been into his films and TV series from a young age, now at age18 he has developed into a great critic looking at actors, directors and how the film was shot, along with what he thought worked and didn’t. Its one of the things we really have in common and quite often he will ask to go with me rather than his mates as he knows I watch with a similar keen eye. I would love to start a blog/ Youtube channel or podcast with him as we have some great discussions after watching something either in the cinema, on Netflix or Now Tv………………..but to no avail……….he wont do it!

So, I have decided to do my own reviews on this little corner of the internet and hope they help someone along the way. They will not all be the latest releases from the cinema (although some will) but will also include binge worthy Tv series and those films released onto streaming services too. The aim is to help people find something to watch next, especially with so much on offer from so many streaming services it can sometimes be difficult to chose. I see people on Twitter a lot asking for recommendations of what to watch next and hopefully my reviews will point someone in the right direction along the way.

My son has always been one to watch on his Ipad as he can pop his headphones on and bring it around the house with him ( especially when he goes into cooking mode in the kitchen!). I actually get a lot of recommendations from him of decent films to watch, he has great taste and generally won’t be what you would expect from his age group. From about the age of 14 films such as Schindler’s List and Shawshank Redemption have been in his top 5. Even at the age of about 9 or 10 he would speed watch the likes of Jaws in about 10 minutes literally fast forwarding (think DVD’s) to the gruesome bits! His DVD and Blueray collection has the likes of American Psycho, Birdman and Saving Private Ryan, so not your typical collection for his age group.

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Remembrance Day before Christmas please

Remembrance day before Christmas please.

First of all don’t get me wrong I enjoy CHRISTMAS!

I really do, my decorations go up at the start of December. The teens still get their own filled advent calendar and we watch all the Christmas films going. My youngest also has the Christmas music playing continuously.

However, with all the talk over the new John Lewis TV advert and all the other large companies following suit with theirs I have become unbelievably annoyed.

It is Remembrance Day this Sunday with the actual 11th day being early next week.

So why are we inundated with bloody Christmas adverts already. OK, I’m also guilty of getting sorted for the season early. I’ve got my cards, and I am making my lists for pressies and have already started buying all my festive chocs and treats. I know some shops even have had their Christmas stuff in and on sale even before Halloween. I’m not daft I realise there is a huge commercial value for businesses on the lead up to the big day. I have no problem with the shops gearing up for the Christmas frenzy that would never be changed ever.

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Addicted to foreign thrillers!

I totally blame my younger brother for this addiction that has taken over my life. It started with The Killing and the fair isle jumper wearing Sarah Lund and progressed onto the brilliant The Bridge with the strange but compelling Saga Noren who you just couldn’t help but like.

Then I went through the Wallander specials (not the series yet) and am now on series 2 of the French Spiral which again seems to be getting better by the series- oh and not forgetting the brilliant Salamander that was on recently. Anyway I am consoled at the fact I have still 2 series of Spiral to watch on Netflix along with the full Wallander from series 1. However, he has said that Arne Dahl is a must watch. I love the fact most of the main characters are flawed in some way making them more real.

I think I need them to stop making any more or I may not get my life back, as I cannot do¬†anything while I am watching due to the subtitles so my ironing is piling up and my knitting and crochet and even my on line time¬†have come to a standstill. My reasoning is that I need to marathon watch them so that they will be all out of the way and then life can resume its normality in this house…………… the family may also get fed!

*My name is Tracy and I am a foreign thriller addict*