Chicago Town Takeaway pizza

Chicago Town Takeaway pizza- review

I am surrounded by boys in this house, teenage boys with the biggest one of all being my husband! Anyone out there with teenagers will know apart from the forced grunts of Hello and Goodbye the only time you see them is when they are down raiding the fridge and kitchen cupboards for food.

Therefore, when I was recently contacted to try the new Chicago Town Takeaway pizza I jumped at the chance.Let’s face it it’s pizza and generally 90% of what teens will agree to eat anyway.

Chicago Town pizza
Although other flavours were available we opted for these two

I will admit I personally am not a lover of frozen pizzas in any shape or form. I find they are overly processed and generally have bases that could break windows.

Our favourite pizza takeaway would always be Dominoes and they would generally retail around £15 mark for a large size. To be honest we always buy 2 large. Not only will they eat it that night but they also like a few slices left over for the next day. So, typical teens.

We were sent some vouchers to go and buy our own choice of Chicago Town takeaway range which are available in most large supermarkets and will be priced around the £4.29.

However, when we found our’s in Asda they were actually on offer for £2.97 each which was a great saving from the regular price. We opted for the cheese melt with a stuffed crust and a chicken and bacon with a normal crust. Although there are also pepperoni and a Sloppy Joe variety and a limited edition pulled pork available too.

The biggest difference with these pizzas is the fact that the base is not pre cooked. Therefore your teeth will be safe from any crunch damage you would get from a regular frozen style pizza. When you pop these in the oven, it’s the first time the dough has been cooked. That helps to keep the dough fresh and soft and very like a fresh takeaway pizza.

I was expecting the stuffed crust to have that very processed almost ‘plastic’ after taste with very ‘ketchup’ style flavour to the stuffing. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. The sauce that filled the dough was exactly the same as the pizza sauce on the base. It just enhanced the flavour and certainly didn’t leave an after taste at all. The dough was surprisingly light and airy and not heavy like you would expect from a deep pan style base.

Chicago Town pizza
How they looked when cooked- really resemble takeaway pizzas I think and  great size too for their ‘large’ as you can see

Although we only tried the two flavours I would certainly be looking to try the others. The price is certainly at the top end of the market and in line with the fresh Pizza Express pizzas that are available from supermarkets. But when we sourced ours they were on offer for less that £3. That would mean I could buy 5 of these in comparison with 1 takeaway from Dominoes. Or 3 at full price.

Both my teens gave them the thumbs up. They said they would be more than happy to have these when they had their mates around rather than order takeaway as they found very little difference between them.

Overall we were very pleasantly surprised at how nice these Chicago Town Takeaway pizzas were. I think I would be tempted to wait until they were on offer to stock up on a few. But you don’t have to take my word for it why don’t you give them a go yourselves.


***DISCLOSURE- I was sent vouchers to try this product however, all views are my own


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  1. I’m a fan of chicago town pizzas, we don’t normally buy frozen pizzas but when we do its always these ones. So tasty 🙂

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