Contact and Social Media Services

Contact and Social Media Services


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Social Media Consultations and Management 

Packages vary from one off consultations, audits and ongoing monthly management to help optimise your social media tailored completely to your business.


Price £99 and includes

  • A full audit of your current social media accounts and how your brand/ business is portrayed online
  • First impressions on each of your platforms
  • Assessment of how you are using platform features and what can be improved to help social media performance
  • A delve into the type of content you are sharing and how to successfully aim it towards your target audience and potential customers
  • Recommendations and actionable steps to help you up your social media game, improve your online visibility and overall customer reach


Price £299 and includes

  • A full audit of your current social media accounts and how your brand/ business is portrayed online
  • An assessment of what is currently working well and help to target areas that can be improved
  • Identifying your target audience and your business persona to help focus on reaching your ideal customers or clients
  • Bespoke #hashtag research and usable lists, specific to your brand and business, to help improve your social media visibility, reach and find your ideal customers or clients
  • Content and engagement strategy to help you stay consistent, on brand and visible to your ideal customers or clients
  • How you can measure your social media channel’s performance to ensure you stay on track and make changes as necessary


Price £495 per month and includes

  • A solid marketing strategy ( as above) to connect with your target audience and help grow your brand/ business online
  • Consistent social media posting on your platform
  • Creative and engaging copy for all posts with your brand or business tone of voice helping you to stay on brand and visible
  • Full engagement and relationship building/ message management with potential customers
  • Bespoke and ongoing #hashtag research specific to your brand/ business to help improve visibility and customer reach
  • Monthly analytics reviews to help monitor performance and progress of your social media channels

This is a full service social media management package, that takes the burden of social media time and management off your plate, allowing you to concentrate fully on running your business.


Hashtag research and bespoke usable lists……………hashtag research relevant to your business sector, business niche, target audience, and ideal customers or clients in handy usable lists ready for you to add to your content as you post. This can be added as an extra service to an audit, or Social media Engagement booster package for an additional £45.

Social media 1 month Engagement and management booster ……….is  a bespoke service add on from either an audit or social media strategy package to get your account boosted from the start by implementing all the changes required. It will help to  increase engagement and visibility before handing the reigns back to you to continue …………….price £550

Business email management ……….this can be discussed if required and bespoke price agreed. Either as a one off service to get your emails under control at a busy or seasonal time, or as an ongoing service alongside my management package.


If you would like to get in contact for more information on the social media services I offer then email me at


DM on Instagram @justmebeingmrsb



For any company or PR’s who would be interested in me reviewing a product, hosting a giveaway, writing a sponsored post, adding an affiliated link to my blog, or even attending an event please contact me on the email above and I would be happy to discuss any details with you.

* I would be interested in brands that are relevant to me as a midlife woman (50), and as a Mum of adults aged 22 and 20.

* I will always make it clear on any of my posts when I am writing reviews and sponsored posts.

* Occasionally I will review products received in competitions on behalf of the company involved.

* All reviews and recommendations will be based on my own personal opinions of products and services.

* If I do a review I will do so 100% and include photos and links when appropriate.

* We will all be willing testers who are ready to try new products and give opinions.

* I will always review with complete integrity.

Thank you

Mrs B x