Curious case of the ‘open door’!!!

 It was Monday evening, the last night before the holidays for the weekly cub/scout meetings. Both my boys are in scouts however my OH helps in cubs and my youngest likes to go in to show off to his mates help also.

My eldest hates going up early (so bloody lazy) and so we tend to let him stay behind and this week he was getting a lift from a friend with his son. Not a problem we thought. He often opts to stay at home while I nip out with my youngest. A bit of responsibility or sneaky PlayStation/computer time. We were all young once so I know all the tricks!

Anyway the above mentioned teenager was left the responsibility of closing the door behind him and locking it. Not a major issue I hear you say. This is the boy who is going into year 9 in September, a boy who walks to school and home again on his own.


The fore mentioned teenager had the security issues explained to him and I was even kind enough to write it on a note as he has some short term memory issues. Nothing major he’s just a bit of a Dory ( you know from Nemo???). It’s kind of funny on occasion.

Anyway, he arrived at the scout hall to give me his keys and mention that he forgot to double lock the door!!!! SEE WHAT I MEAN!!!!
However he laughingly said to me ‘ Don’t worry mum I shut it I just forgot to double lock it like you said’.  Ok I though not a major problem, I will be home in about 45 mins.

So we finished the cubs meeting and headed home about 8.15pm.

It was chucking it down with rain so I jumped from the car and opened the porch……………….


Not just opened a bit, or closed but not properly (if you know what I mean) but actually wide open as though a furniture delivery had turned up and were about to try and fit a sofa through the door!!!

That’s when the freak out occurred.

Shit……….what if someone is in there?
Shit……….what if someone has been in there and left us with nothing????
Shit……….what if squatters have taken residence and we cannot get our home back ??

SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT…………..Like I said that’s when the freak out occurred!

Thankfully my OH is ‘Plod’ and very level headed. Thankfully he was there otherwise I think I would have hyperventilated on  the spot…… you can tell I’m not great in a crisis.

He went in and we were relieved to find our telly still there, my son’s laptop was still there, my bloody fridge freezer was still there……………..oh and the moggy was still there too!!!!!

Thank God it had been raining ( I’m sure burglars must check the weather forecast before going out) I will never complain about the rain again………..honest.

 As predicted words were had and low and behold ‘ It wasn’t me’ followed by a huge meltdown!!!
 Followed by ‘ I don’t care’!!

Disappointed doesn’t even cover it……………………………so what happens now?
How do we get him to take responsibility seriously?
This is a boy who has lost…………..his phone on a school field
                                         ……………a full PE kit at school
                                         ……………a wet weather coat
                                         ……………a lab coat
                                         ……………his new Ipod touch (8 weeks old)
                                         ……………and now our trust!!!!!
 All in the space of a few months, so where do we go from here?

Any help or advice would be most welcome……..please.

17 thoughts on “Curious case of the ‘open door’!!!

  1. Goodness, you still sound upset and I would hate for that to happen as well ((hugs)). I don't know how to advise, except that perhaps there should be consequences eg no keys for the next while xx

  2. Looking for Blue Sky– thank you thats exactly what we have done!! I'm still upset as remember what it was like when we were burgled when I was a teenager. It's horrible and thankfully wasn't the case tonight 🙂

  3. Consequences. Sounds harsh but the only way to get some kids to wise up is to hit them where it hurts. Not physically of course, I mean losing the thing they currently care most about as punishment for doing something utterly stupid and thoughtless.

  4. Poor you that is a lot of rush of emotions when you get back home and worry that your space has been invaded. Agree with above, some consequences are needed and a discussion about responsibility and maturity coming hand in hand with freedom and independence! x

  5. Oh my gosh! and I was moaning about a toddler, you don't expect responsibility in a 3 year old.
    Consequences I guess – does seem like he is either very forgetful or massively disorganised and needs a little poke to get his act together – good luckXXX

  6. Frugal in WV- will pop over and take a peek. Thanks for popping past.

    Ms Brightside- We do that anyway but we have decided to take his house keys in order to make things a little difficult!!

    Working london mummy and helloitsgemma- thanks was a bit of a shock. But your right not only does he need to get his act together but he has to earn freedom with responsibility. House keys have been taken and he has been told he can no longer stay at home when I take my youngest out….hopefully if it makes things a little difficult for him he may start to think about it!! Lets hope so 🙂

  7. Be gentle with him. We've all done it and frankly if someone wants to burgle you, they will do it whether the door is open or not. It probably looked far more like you were in..

    Obviously if he does it again, withdraw all treats..

    BM x

  8. Bush mummy– we are both in a much better mood today and have gone for the 'Take the p**s' approach getting the words ' have you shut the door' into most conversations!!!

  9. Gosh, its hard isn't it. Mine are only little still, but already I don't know how to make them understand the important things…shouting seems to have no effect whatsoever…so maybe the jokey approach is the way to go?

  10. Liska- your very welcome x it's called hysteria it could go one way or the other!!! LOL

  11. Yet another great post! What a shock for u. What I will say is that I have done it exactly the same, where I thought I had locked the door and somehow returned to finding it wide open, and I'm an adult! It's difficult to know quite how to touch on this but I'm guessing that your son was pretty horrified to see the door open himself and very worried indeed! Surely, that in itself will have some impact on his male brain, next time he has the responsibility of closing & locking the doors?!! Or not?? As you know, I have two girls and it isn't often I come across them losing things but I do have many friends with boys who are always tackling this subject!! I do hope for your sanity that they have taken things on board. Will be watching!! x

  12. None of mine have got to that kind of age yet, so no wise advice form here I am afraid. Mich x PS – My hubbie is a Cub Leader too!

  13. OMG – I have left our door open on numerous occassions when I've hurried off to do the school run. That would be fine if we live in the country but we live in London.

  14. Tracy Cazaly – thank you. When he is rushed he just is in a different world and everything is left half done. I think he has taken it on board though….the joking approach seems to have had more effect! As for my sanity I think that has long gone!!

  15. Michelle twin Mum- thank you so much for popping over. How wierd your OH involved in cubs too! Was really nice to meet you 🙂

    Ditzy Mummy – I know we are on the borders of London too so know where your coming from……so glad it was raining at the time LOL

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