That really is the only word that describes it.

Yesterday morning we found our beautiful ‘Gorgeous George’ ( our 19 month old cat) across the street after a missing night. Unfortunately he had been knocked  down and killed.

I grabbed him in my arms wrapped him in a blanket and balled my eyes out for an hour and a half on the kitchen floor just giving him a cuddle.

He looked so tiny, untouched with injuries and in a peaceful sleeping position. I had my eldest at home as he was ill and off school who was just an emotional mess alongside me.

We cried, cuddled, cried and cuddled until we knew we had to do something with him. I had phoned my OH but was uncontrollable and just heard words about popping him down in the shed until he managed to get home. My youngest was at school totally oblivious to what had happened, so we wanted to keep him there until everyone had said their goodbyes.

My son and I must have gone down and seen him several times, each time having a good cry and just feeling so sorry for him as he was just a little one!

I had to brake the news to my youngest when he came in and then had another emotional trip to the shed so he could see him.

When my OH got home we decided that we couldn’t bury him in the garden so we opted to have him cremated via the vets.

So with our last goodbyes my OH and I took him and left him at the vets…………………this was so heartbreaking I cannot even put it in words.

We are lucky enough to have another slightly older cat though so this is great for all of us, but she hasn’t been herself since George went missing. She keeps looking for him, following us, sitting at the back window watching for him- it breaks my heart.

I just don’t know why we do it to ourselves!! It’s just a cat I can hear some of you saying– Er no, he was my little baby, totally part of our family and full of his own character……..SO NO HE WASN’T JUST A CAT!!!


R.I.P My little ‘Gorgeous George’ – We loved you loads and miss you terribly!

in his cage in the pet shop as we chose him
I could just not resist his little face and to my OH’s horror refused to leave the shop without him!

We bought him on our anniversary – St Georges Day so we aptly named him George, or Gorgeous George!!

This was our most up to date picture taken only weeks ago and featured in My Silent Sunday posts.

Now you know why he was ‘Gorgeous George’!

 Goodbye and sleep well xxx

11 thoughts on “Devastated!

  1. So sorry to hear about George! I can imagine how much life is sucking right at this present moment. I’d be devastated too.

    Lots of Love

    1. I know Glenn it’s rough! You keep going over it time and time again- horrible. Have cleaned up his bowls etc and is just weird to feed just 1 now 🙁 x

    1. I know right? I’m at home all the the time so I probably am the closest to them- still cannot believe it really- he was just a baby 🙁 x

  2. Oh no! 🙁 So, so sorry to hear about such sad news, Tracy.
    Second Daughter’s Cute Rabbit died in our arms a year ago, I totally know how you feel.
    Big hugs to the whole family. xx

  3. Oh no I am so so sorry to hear about this, too sad, especially when he was so young. Pets are part of the family, they provide for us as much as we provide for them, they are emotional support and have unconditional love, the same as children. Really feel for you.

    Laura x

    1. Thank you Laura, we just got his little ashes back today so it sets the mind off on a tangent again 🙁

  4. I’m so sorry. He was a very handsome chap, and it is very sad and hard to loose a much loved pet, especially when it’s sudden and not expected like that. 🙁

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