Dolly Parton at the O2

Alright, I lack in that department, with the closest I’ve been to a big chest being 3 days after my 1st son was born. I pulled back the shower curtain and didn’t recognise the huge knockers that were staring back at me…… much so that I had to call my OH in just to prove it!!!!

Anyway I digress, last night I went off to the O2 with a few girlie friends, donned our pink cowboy hats and our best ‘yeehaw’ voices and took our seats with the rest of the crowd.

Thats half of us with me tucked in the middle!

We weren’t that lucky with the seats and found ourselves in the upper tier with the ‘Gods’ so to speak, but it wasn’t going to dampen our spirits.  Although at one point I had to promise my friend that if the height was too much I was wearing a belt and that I could, if required in an emergency, take off and secure her to her seat!!! I kid you not LOL

I tried desperately to get a picture on my phone and my camera however Dolly herself is soooo small and dainty and very sparkly so it was hard to pick her up in the big shroud of light that the camera seemed to focus on………….damn the technology and the fact I can’t bloody work it properly!!

Evidence that we were up with the ‘Gods’ and that she is sooo tiny too

An early rendition of Jolene started the crowd going mad. However, the first half of her show apart from the ‘Blue grass’ stuff ,which was fab, seemed to be mostly new songs. Which to be fair to her were pretty ‘toe tappy’ in amongst all the chat that she does. Actually she really is a funny woman too. What amazed me the most is the amount of instruments that she can play!!! I really am not kidding, last night included………………….
Violin (fiddle in her speak)
Banjo ( including a great intro of ‘Duelling banjos’)
Guitar ( or Geetaar as she would say!!)
Penny whistle
Oh and 2 strange looking, sit on your knee plucky types of things!!

So not only can she sing ‘ country’ and other styles with ease she really is talented musically too!!!

After a quick break ( thank god as I had been bursting for a pee at that point) and a quick change for her, Dolly came back on with a vengeance! With covers of Dusty Springfield and Tina Turner the crowd got going and then right at the last knockings came all the old fav’s……
*Here we go again
*Islands in the Stream
*9 to 5
*And an encore of I will Always Love You!!!  Fantastic

At that point I think we ( and I’m sure I can speak for the whole audience) could have listened to her sing all the oldies all night!!

So, that’s something I can now strike off my ‘Things to do before I croak it’ list if I had one!!!

I can now say I have seen a true Legend perform in the flesh ( even though she really is tiny….apart from that fab chest!)

As for the car park and getting home? Don’t even ask……………and I was designated driver!!! How do these things happen LOL

4 thoughts on “Dolly Parton at the O2

  1. You got to see Dolly?! My old man would be so envious, his one big fav is Dolly! Glad to read you enjoyed it so much!

  2. You are quite the music lover, aren't you! Sounds like a fab night. Dolly comes here soon too. I'm off to see the Commitments again in the Olympia in November!

    xx Jazzy

  3. Tattie Weasle- thanks he would have loved it then 🙂

    jazzy- I'm jealous of the Commitments that would be a great night! 🙂

  4. how fabulous and love the pink cowboy hats, there awesome!!!! I love her songs and can just imagine what kind of atmosphere was building in the arena..well done u!!!! x

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