Dressmaker’s course- One of the best things I did in 2015

Up until last year I had a real fear of using sewing machines which I definitely think stemmed from those Home Economics classes you may remember from school if you are of a certain age! I did have one many years ago but just didn’t have the confidence to use it properly and ended up packing it away in the loft where it subsequently got damaged and then I got rid of it.

Last year I took the plunge and booked myself on a 5 week basic sewing course to learn how to use a sewing machine. The course was great and I learned how to make a cushion cover, insert zips and made an apron too. During that course ( where  used a Janome sewing machine) I managed to find a great sewing machine of my own. That way I didn’t have to panic if I broke anything as it then belonged to me. This in itself gave me more confidence when I was using it.

My gorgeous Janome baby in action
My gorgeous Janome baby in action

Having done that course and seeing my IG account full of lovely peeps who make lots of great items at home I decided to go ahead and booked myself on a proper dressmakers course, 12 weeks long where I could choose a garment of my choice to make. So in order to get the most out of the course I decided to aim high with a fitted shirt with pockets, sleeves, cuffs, collars and buttonholes- I like to aim high LOL

So week by week as everyone else’s skirts and sleeveless tops were coming together and actually looking like a garment mine was still a pile of fabric pieces for a very, very long time.

Not too bad for a first make on my starters dressmaking course
Not too bad for a first make on my starters dressmaking course

I was surprised at how well this turned out to be honest, there are mistakes in there but I suppose if you don’t know what you are looking for then you won’t see them. I tend to wear it with either black jeans or my denim skirt with tights, a black or charcoal grey vest top underneath with one of my long decorative necklaces over it. As a complete sewing novice this was a hell of a lot of work but I did learn loads which means I now have skills for lots of new patterns.

My IG feed is full of sewers and their fabulous makes and so is a great inspiration for ideas of what to make and one of the fav’s was the Dottie frock pattern which is right up my street. So I opted for a denim look chambray and a contrast  ‘London’ style fabric for the pockets. This is perfect for over tights or leggings and boots and one of my granny style cardi’s.

I wear a long sleeve top underneath, cardi on top and a big coloured scarf for a 'lots of layers' look
I wear a long sleeve top underneath, cardi on top and a big coloured scarf for a ‘lots of layers’ look

Now I am making pj’s which I need several pairs of and I have several different fabric prints for these so I will post a picture when they are done. Therefore, it is very safe to say I have been bitten by the sewing bug. I received a few patterns as Christmas presents too and have a long sewing ‘To Do’ list already.

Anyone else have the sewing bug? I would love to see what you are making.


4 thoughts on “Dressmaker’s course- One of the best things I did in 2015

    1. Louisa I just wanted to get the most tuition from my course as possible and obviously now I have an idea of how to do lots of dressmaking techniques that would be considered tricky- There was definitely method in my madness 🙂

  1. Your shirt is awesome! I’m loving getting to know my sewing machine but I’ve not even considered making things to wear, it’s far too daunting! I do love your dress with the patterned pockets. Perhaps I should try and push myself a bit!

    1. Jennifer it’s always been something I wanted to try in the last few years but I knew I would never do it unless I booked on a course- best thing I did 🙂 It was so worth every penny

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