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This is something I have pondered about for a while now. My teen and I have always enjoyed going to the cinema and will talk non stop all the way home about whatever film we have just watched. My son has always been into his films and TV series from a young age, now at age18 he has developed into a great critic looking at actors, directors and how the film was shot, along with what he thought worked and didn’t. Its one of the things we really have in common and quite often he will ask to go with me rather than his mates as he knows I watch with a similar keen eye. I would love to start a blog/ Youtube channel or podcast with him as we have some great discussions after watching something either in the cinema, on Netflix or Now Tv………………..but to no avail……….he wont do it!

So, I have decided to do my own reviews on this little corner of the internet and hope they help someone along the way. They will not all be the latest releases from the cinema (although some will) but will also include binge worthy Tv series and those films released onto streaming services too. The aim is to help people find something to watch next, especially with so much on offer from so many streaming services it can sometimes be difficult to chose. I see people on Twitter a lot asking for recommendations of what to watch next and hopefully my reviews will point someone in the right direction along the way.

My son has always been one to watch on his Ipad as he can pop his headphones on and bring it around the house with him ( especially when he goes into cooking mode in the kitchen!). I actually get a lot of recommendations from him of decent films to watch, he has great taste and generally won’t be what you would expect from his age group. From about the age of 14 films such as Schindler’s List and Shawshank Redemption have been in his top 5. Even at the age of about 9 or 10 he would speed watch the likes of Jaws in about 10 minutes literally fast forwarding (think DVD’s) to the gruesome bits! His DVD and Blueray collection has the likes of American Psycho, Birdman and Saving Private Ryan, so not your typical collection for his age group.

One thing we do agree on is that some films lose something when you have seen them in the cinema and then watch them again on normal TV- do you agree? For Christmas we bought him an all singing and dancing 4K smart tv for his room which he loves and because of the sound and picture quality those particular films that are basically made for the big screen are just as enjoyable to watch in the comfort of his own bed. I was never that particularly bothered before about the loss of quality coming from the difference of the ‘big’ screen to the ‘small’ screen but after watching some clips on his new telly I really think the quality has improved remarkably. We don’t have a particularly brilliant tv in our living room, its an ok size and an ok quality, but even my husband has remarked on the quality difference between ours and my son’s tv! We are not in a position to buy just yet but I think once our telly now gives up the ghost we will definitely be taking the plunge with a much better quality one. I did a lot of research before buying my son’s telly which we settled with a Hisense 4k Ultra HD which he loves and was a great price at the time. However, after doing the research there are a few on our wish list like the  Panasonic GX800B TV   which would be perfect as the main family telly in our living room.

So, my first review of The Favourite is up and ready to read here on my reviews page and there will be more coming in the next few weeks. I hope you will follow along and let me know what you think and I would also love to hear your recommendations too.

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