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I met this particular Forever Living rep at a craft fair we were both doing. She had originally asked me to fill in a questionnaire for a raffle draw, then we got talking and I mentioned I was a blogger and could do a review of some of her products, especially if there was anything I could use in relation to my M.E.

A few days later she contacted me to see if she could drop off a box of goodies for me to trial for a few days, a good excuse for a good old pamper!! Why not.

A cool range of Aloe Vera lotions and potions

So there was everything from shampoo and conditioners to moisturisers and deodorants.

This Gel is taken as a daily drink!

I was really interested in trying the gel however, I’m trying another product related to M.E and health at the moment so thought it wouldn’t be fair on either product to give a possible false review. So I will arrange to try this one later in the year from around October when my muscle pain generally gets worse- so watch this space.

This product was around the £20 mark and the next one up includes this gel and more nutrients to help with muscular aches and pains, which will be the one I will try and that retails around £28. It advises that you use 60mls a day in a drink.

So I set to work with the other products, however, I only had them for a few days so didn’t get around to using them all!

Shampoo and Conditioning rinse– these both offered hair that would be soft, silky and easy to manage. They retailed around £14 which I thought was pricey for a shampoo and conditioner! So I tried them without much expectation. However, they did actually do what they said. My hair is naturally curly (can be frizzy and dry) and I use all sorts of products on it, but even after 1 use of both my hair was soft and felt product free. Even the next day after a nights sleep and hair spray on it my hair still felt soft!! So although at first glance I was put off by the price these products did actually make my hair feel good- so for those of you that spend on brand named hair products these would not really be out of the price range.

Moisturiser – this was aimed at using on hands, face and body. However, I mainly used it as a hand cream as I used it once on my face but it felt too much like applying suncream for me to do again! But as a hand creme it was just fantastic. It went on thick, smooth and didn’t soak in straight away giving the feel of a luxury product. The smell was beautiful and my hands felt soft and smooth for quite a while afterwards. Even after I had washed my hands they still felt smooth and soft! This product retails at £12.24 so again pricey, but luxurious and well worth the money I thought- especially as you only need a very small amount each time so I think it would last quite a while as it is a tube of 118ml.

Hand and face soap– admittedly I only used this as a hand soap as my face is VERY sensitive and doesn’t take kindly to new products! However, as a hand soap this was gorgeous both in smell and how it cleaned and left your hands feel. This one retails at £10.84 and is a 473ml bottle- it does say mild enough for sensitive skins but I didn’t try it on my face.

Lotion– this one had aloe with jojoba oil, collagen, elastin and vitamin E and states that it is  suitable for people prone to eczema and psoriasis. . It was thinner in texture to the moisturiser and soaked in quickly. However, this was the product I didn’t like. It had a nondescript smell  that I found unpleasant and I really didn’t like the feel of it on my skin!!! It’s personal choice obviously and this is just my opinion. This one  again is a 118ml tube an retails at £12.24- so for me I would not pay the money for this particular product as there are others out there that I much prefer and are cheaper.

These products are available through their website, distributors and I also found them on Amazon!

They do not stop at skincare products, they offer weight management, sports, supplements, drinks and beehive products! They appear pricey at first glance but you have to take into account they are pure Aloe Vera products and not what you would find in high street Aloe Vera products.

They also offer a 60 day money back guarantee which is fantastic. So if you do shell out for a particular product and find that you cannot get on with it or it isn’t suitable for you, or you don’t feel any different ( supplements and drinks etc) then they will fully refund you for the product.


DISCLAIMER: I was offered  the above products on a trial loan only for a few days to try. I was not paid for this review and the opinions are all my own.

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  1. I’ve recently been contacted by someone trying to get me into selling these products and I came across your review while trying to find out more about it. I really hope you’re still doing this blog because like you, I have m.e and I was wondering whether you tried the aloe juice and whether it helped at all if you did?

    If you could pretty please email me,that would be great. Thanks!

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