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When the boys were small, toddlers actually, my best friend and I had a mad idea of getting a static caravan as a joint adventure where we could spend the days taking our kids to the nearby beach and just have a bit of fun. Both our OH’s worked very long shifts so it made sense that we all spent the time together and let the kids be good buddies.

Now when we went looking we really didn’t know what we wanted or how much it was going to cost. What we did know was that we don’t want to travel any more than about an hour or so away- making it more accessible for impromptu weekends and last minute get togethers. We also knew that because money was an issue as neither of us were working, we didn’t want a caravan on a site with loads of entertainment facilities as we wanted to bring all the kids up showing them that they could have lots of fun without spending a fortune.

That meant we really only had the payout for the caravan itself and the yearly site fees to pay along with some insurance.

We had the caravan over on Sheppey which was only a 50minute drive away for us both. We went for an 8 berth ex Haven caravan with lots of communal room at the front and kitchen area.

Although we no longer have the caravan we used it for around 6-7 years and my boys who are now 15 and 12 remember it with a lot of fondness and great/fun times with friends.

However, now the boys are older I think my priorities would be different. A site with a clubhouse and some entertainment and maybe a swimming pool would suit the age group of our boys better. These sites inevitably cost more.

So if your contemplating something like this for next year ( and lets face it after this years summer you would be mad to go abroad) take a look at some advice below of what to look out for.


You’re not wrong if you think choosing a holiday park for your static caravan is a big decision. Not only will you want to pick a park that your whole family will love – you’ll also need a location that you’ll want to visit again and again. Not to mention the financial things you’ll need to take into account – this choosing a holiday park business is more complicated than it sounds, but don’t worry, here are a few tips to help you choose the right park for you with as little hassle as possible.
The closer the park, the more often you’ll visit
It’s common sense really – the closer the holiday park is to where you live, the more often you’ll go there. But how close you want your static caravan to be to home depends on a number of things.
For one thing, are you going to be using your static caravan for long or short getaways? If you live in London and you’re buying a holiday home for regular weekend trips away, somewhere like Sussex or Kent would be perfect for you. It’s under two hours from London so it’s close enough to pack up the car on a Friday night and go.
But if you’ll be spending your main two-week holiday in your static caravan, you’re probably willing to spend more time getting there. That opens up your options to regions like Devon, Cornwall and even those as far afield as the Lake District. If you’re only going to be visiting your park for longer holidays, the whole country is your oyster!
It’s not just about on-park activities
It’s true, holiday parks offer a whole range of on-park activities and facilities that you’d be mad to miss out on. From live evening entertainment to kids clubs and heated outdoor swimming pools, you could easily spend an entire week on the park with everything you need right there.
But since holiday parks tend to be located in Britain’s best holiday destinations, static caravans can be the perfect base for exploring a whole region. Buy a caravan at Devon Cliffs and you have the whole of the West Country at your fingertips. Not to mention some of the UK’s best beaches and best weather.
Other costs to consider
Remember that when you’re buying a holiday home, it’s not just the static caravan you’ll need to pay for. Static caravans for sale on holiday parks also include annual sites fees; this covers park maintenance, landscaping, security and the use of the park’s facilities. Site fees can cost anything from about £2,000 to £5,000 so you should make sure you can afford this before you put anything in writing. However, the site fees vary depending on park and pitch location so research the cheapest ones in advance to save yourself a good chunk of money.

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