Hip to be square!

I have a new love of squares. Coloured squares that is. Granny style actually.

I am new to crochet and have just mastered the glorious granny square.

DSC_0282 So then I continued, practice, practice, practice after all eh?

One became three.....
One became three…..

Then I just carried on. I’m up to 6 now, all random colours, no real plan or colour scheme, just squares ad squares and squares!

I have my eye on an old wooden rocking chair that I want to complete with a crocheted, multi coloured granny square blanket so I can lounge outside in the garden during the summer. I know call me old before my time, square if you like, a saddo if it takes your fancy………………………… I really do not give a SHIT!! There I have said it. It’s what I want, it’s what I like and it’s what I will have.

Oh and long may my love of granny squares continue- so there!

So is it hip to be square?


6 thoughts on “Hip to be square!

    1. I only learnt in Jan! I went on a one day course to learn basic stitches, then once I had practised those I used Youtube for the granny square 🙂 easy

  1. Well done you!! Keep at it. I’m doing a crocheted blanket too. I’m also a learner. I also did some St Patrick’s Day hats, bunting and badges! Iw as going to put them up as a ‘Silent Sunday’ post but chickened out!! xx Jazzy

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