House Envy

So yesterday I was at a house in West London with my son who was filming there which gave me total ‘house envy’. It wasn’t particularly decorated to any high standard or anything but it had the most amazing rooms and layout. We didn’t get to go upstairs so this was solely based on the downstairs. But it had a ‘sunken’ kitchen, one that you went down a step or two into with a gorgeous range set back into the wall. The dining area was large but they had left it sparse. There were beautiful wall dressers in there that had absolutely NOTHING on them apart from a small tea light candle or two………I couldn’t believe it.

I would kill for a house with that amount of character, with nooks and crannies, beautiful spacious hallways with bookshelves all over!! This one had all the space, nooks and crannies you could shake a stick at- none of which had anything in them. Their hallway was fitted with a full wall length shelving unit perfect for books of all shapes and sizes, yet it had been left empty.

One thing I would adore is a place in the house just lined with books. Somewhere you could just go into a chill out, be cosy and read whatever took your fancy. I though, live in a 1930’s terraced gaff that has been extended and revamped to within an inch of it’s life. But the rooms are small, either just square or rectangle without any character as such. I have decorated as I liked when we did the work initially and now everything is a little tired and slowly but surely we are revamping again. However, as much as I would love it there is just no spare room for that elusive wall of books. I have started to add storage and furniture that incorporates shelving that I can now use for my books, even though my ‘library wall’ is still a dream.

Still when I win the Lottery my ‘new’ house will have all the character I can fit into it, in fact I may just offer those people from yesterday’s house a ‘not to be refused’ offer on their gaff!


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