How to de-stress family car journeys

As most of you will know by now I have to teenage boys. Just because they are teens does not make car journeys any less stressful than with a journey with toddlers. I remember when they were little they always took books, colouring stuff, small toys. Then as they got older it was Gameboys, audio books and DVD’s and now that they are teens they automatically lift their headphones for their phones or Ipods etc.

One thing that is easier to deal with is the fact they have a concept of time so they know on a long journey not to ask ‘Are we there yet?’ They also know and understand they have to wait until the next service station to go for a pee rather than having to stop on the hard shoulder to pee in the bushes!! We also do our game of Yellow Car on long motorway journeys although I do tend to become a bit competitive with this one.But they have learned from an early age to bring stuff to amuse themselves.

Yet I can remember how stressful even a short journey was when they were younger. Making them go the toilet before we left, remembering their favourite teddy/ blanket for the journey and listening to those sing-a-long tapes all the time.

Watch our video for top tips from the experts on the best way to ferry your little loved ones around in the car

 Every parent knows that heading out with the family in the car for a day out or a road trip can be a lot harder than it looks.

From packing all the essentials, to keeping the kids entertained during the journey, there’s plenty that mums and dads need to think about before heading out.

To help, Fiat 500L have got together with mummy bloggers and motoring journalist James Mills to give their advice on smooth family car journeys.

The experts give top tips on day out essentials, choosing and fitting car seats, entertaining the kids and maximising space in your car to make sure you can fit in everything you need for a pleasant journey and outing.


What is your favourite tip to de-stress a family car journey?

4 thoughts on “How to de-stress family car journeys

  1. Very hard with impetuous teens! Ensure they have things to entertain themselves with, snacks and a drink. And a promise of a stop somewhere of their choosing 🙂

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