I’m off!!!

Not literally……….well maybe.

Anyway we are off on a short holiday! I would love to tell you all that it is somewhere exotic but I would be lying. We are staying at my MIL’s caravan along the Kent coast!!!! However, a holiday is a holiday and we will enjoy the break regardless.

We have a few days out planned with Whitstable and Herne bay very close. We will probably visit our long lost  ‘forces’ home at Manston and pop into the museums there too.

So I am taking a break from all things technical……………OK I may post a few pics on twitter but apart from that I wont have WIFI and therefore wont be posting until I get back!!

So long, farewell, have a great time yourselves over the next week.


Here’s hoping for dry weather LOL

3 thoughts on “I’m off!!!

  1. Enjoy! Always good to step away from the Wi-Fi 😉

    Don't forget to come back to us though…. we'll miss you!

    xx Jazzy

  2. Have LOADS of fun!! We are currently in Norfolk which is fabtabulous apart from the lack of phone signal and internet connection….I need my technology dammit!!! xx

  3. Thanks guys we had a fab time! emma hope you enjoy your break too….I hate not being able to pop on the internet as well!! 🙂

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