It’s Panto Season…………….Oh yes it is!!

Panto’s are like marmite…………you either love it or hate it. I LOVE it and always have. I have been taking my boys since they were little and this year they are 11 and 13 and are still very happy to go.

This year we have Panto overload. Not only are we going to see our usual one ( this time it has Craig Revel Hall and Ann Widdecombe so should be a giggle) but my youngest is now in one!! Yes, he is a lost boy in Peter Pan down in Chatham with Mr ‘Ice Ice Baby’ himself.

Rehearsals started at the beginning of the week and are in full swing, but thankfully we have a day off tomorrow…….YAY!

It opens next Thursday and at the moment it’s hard to see how they are going to get the show together in time. It’s interesting to see it from the other side and therefore appreciate how much work goes into it.

So we as a family have booked to go see him in it over the Christmas holidays and my Mum is up over Christmas so I have booked more tickets to go on Boxing Day too!!

So by the end of it’s run I think I will be shouting ‘BOO ‘and ‘Behind you’ in my sleep. The jokes will no longer be funny and I will probably be able to act all the parts myself ( OK maybe not the singing as I am rubbish).

So wish me luck to survive the experience, and ‘break a leg’  to my son as I’m sure he will be a fab Lost Boy……………………………………..OH YES HE WILL!


9 thoughts on “It’s Panto Season…………….Oh yes it is!!

    1. Blue Sky- It really is absolutely exhausting but should be a little easier now the performances have started!! Thanks for popping over 🙂

  1. I’m a bit bar humbug when it comes to pantos. I’ve never liked them, but I couldn’t honestly tell you why. I think the noise frightens me when everyone shouts “he’s behind you”.

    CJ x

    1. CJ_ LOL I do acually love them but I must admit that this experience may well putme off forever!! I do hope not though 🙂

    1. Mammy Dolittle- he really is loving it. It opened last night and he loved it with the audience, he said it was ‘awesome’!! Will try and get a picture posted on Twitter tomorrow 🙂

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