I’ve done it!

Yes I have done it at last! I have now transferred my site over to WordPress. I won’t lie and say it was easy because it really wasn’t for me and I am still working things out!

As you can see it is in it’s very basic stage and any advice would be very gratefully received. Like how to put some text on my header picture ( which by the way will be changing as I am not happy with it. How do you all manage to get several photos on there and text????

So I will be putting a link onto my old Blogger account to help get you all over here……..hopefully!

Now I can concentrate on getting all reviews/posts that are overdue up to date at last.

So for now wish me luck and I’m sure as you will notice things will change on here just as soon as I work out how to do it all!!!  Yes that’s the true technophobe talking.

9 thoughts on “I’ve done it!

  1. Looking good! I think the photo looks good too. If you want multiple images and texts on there I suspect/guarantee you’ll have to make them all one image to upload as your header. Its easily done in something like Photoshop/Photoserif. Send me your pics and a description of what you want and I could do it for you in half an hour or so. Its easy to make adjustments to too, so it would only take a fraction of the time to tweak things the second time round if you wanted something else or wanted it rearranged.

    -Little Brother Gooligone 🙂

    1. Briiliant!! Glad someone knows, I will email some images to you tomorrow and see what we can organise……………that would be the royal ‘WE’!!! lol x

  2. Wow!! Well done you! I love your new look…congrats. i was wondering how you were getting on and meant to tweet you again.

    I like the clean fresh look of wordpress but am too terrified to move my 3 year old blog over!

    xx Jazzy

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