Kids and Pets

I think kids and pets go together like ‘bread and butter’,’salt and pepper’, ‘sponge and custard’ and not top mention ‘Gin and Tonic’ (that could be just me). Anyway, there aren’t many families that I know of that have no pets at all especially if they do have kids.

I don’t know about you but the pets tend to become an extension of our kids anyway. Oh yes we could happily scream when they pee on the floor ( that’s the pets I mean but lets face it the kids when they are toddlers are just as bad!!), but we would hate to see them ill or suffer in any way especially if it is preventable.

So read below for details of a web TV show for all you dog lovers especially on how to keep our beloved four legged friends safe and healthy!

Vets’ Surgery Live

Log on to our special web TV show coming live from the Blue Cross Animal Hospital, where vet Luke Gamble and former Blue Peter presenter Peter Purves will discuss how to keep your dogs safe and healthy

Luke Gamble and Peter Purves join us live online at Monday 2nd April at 4pm

Show date: Monday 2nd April

Show time: 4pm

Poorly pets can cause families huge distress, particularly when the ailments are avoidable. In a special Vets’ Surgery Live, TV vet Luke Gamble and Blue Peter favourite Peter Purves will be answering questions from pet owners live from Blue Cross Animal Hospital.

As part of Be Lungworm Aware month, Luke and Peter are helping dog owners spot the causes and symptoms of the potentially fatal parasite, as well as how to avoid it.  They will be taking questions and offering their top tips on how to keep your dogs happy and healthy.  A live lungworm examination will also help pet owners spot the signs that their pooch needs treating.

Lungworm (A. vasorum) is a parasite that dogs become infected with through eating slugs and snails which carry the larvae of the parasite.   Once inside the dogs system, the parasite travels through the lungs, ending up in the heart.  If the infection is left untreated, the dog’s health can rapidly deteriorate, and can be fatal.

Recent research shows 36% of vets confirming a diagnosis of the potentially fatal parasite in practices across the UK. This has more than doubled since a survey in 2008, when the figure was 16%.  This increase can be attributed to various factors including climate change making for milder conditions so that infected slugs and snails can survive for longer. 

And there is concern from vets that despite the increase in cases over the last four years, the level of awareness of the disease amongst pet owners is very low with more than a third of dog owners surveyed saying they have never heard of lungworm.


Join us live from the Blue Cross Animal Hospital to learn how to help keep your dog happy, healthy and lungworm free.

Luke Gamble and Peter Purves join us live online at Monday 2nd April at 4pm

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  1. I agree, a house with kids is not complete without pets too, but I think kids and pets go together like a mop and bucket!

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