Knitting project #4 – 2012

Ok here it is………………another scarf!!!

But this one was different, I used the biggest needles I have ever knitted with (20mm) and a pattern that read really easy but did take me a while to work out!!


Really can you believe the size of those needles? I had to put the pencil in the picture just so you could get the idea!!


It was like knitting with 2 branches from the tree in the garden!!

However, I persevered and this is what I ended up with. I’m really pleased with it too, and once I got in to the pattern it was a total breeze.

Now I’m really getting into this knitting malarkey and have another couple of projects to post. Now I’m wondering whether I should look to make and sell items. At the moment I am off work through long term illness so I need something non physical to do and I would love to earn an income( however small). I have been looking at the Etsy site and wondering would it be worth me selling on there? Looking at what can be sold on there I’m thinking:

Scarves, gloves, cup cosies, bottle covers, flower brooches, kids toys, hot water bottle covers, hats, small dog jumpers (yes they really sell), baby blankets etc.

What do you think? Would these sell?

If you sell on Etsy and advice would be gratefully received.

On to the next one!




2 thoughts on “Knitting project #4 – 2012

  1. Hi Tracy
    Am just about to knit a scarf using 20mm needles and Sirdar Firefly wool. Do you post your patterns on your website?

    1. Hi clare good luck with the scarf!! I haven’t put any patterns on here yet as they are from regular books etc……..however I am planning to once I have the confidence to change them up a bit and add my own style 🙂 Do you knit much?

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