Knitting project #6 – 2012

This isn’t officially my 6th project, I have done others but they aren’t quite finished (need to find some nice buttons for them!) so therefore this one is being posted about first.

I had seen this in one of my books and thought that it would be perfect. I had picked up some lovely Aran wool in Dusky Pink from a craft show a few weeks ago at Bluewater.

Anyway, I loved this one as it got me back into a bit of cable work but on a beginner level. This I made for my God daughters birthday as she needed to something to put her net book into!!

Unfortunately the colour doesn’t show up that well in the pictures as they were taken on my phone but it’s almost like a salmon pink.

It was worked in simple garter stitch with a small cable running up each side. This can be made smaller or bigger depending on what you want the bag to be used for. It would be easy to pop in some material to line it and make it stronger too.

I have since thought of ways to adapt this pattern to possibly try a laptop cover without the handles!


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