M.E Awareness Week starts 6th May.

Regular readers will know I have had M.E for the past 3 years. This affects me and my family everyday. I have lately introduced myself to a *cough* lovely walking stick ( Oh the Joys).

Anyway, most people hear M.E and think

‘ Oh yeah that’s the one that makes you a bit tired and lazy’!!!!!!!!

Not only would I love to change this attitude but I would love to raise more awareness about this ‘invisible’ illness. Some Gp’s don’t even recognise it and your a very lucky patient if you get an understanding GP who can direct you in the right direction for help. I have a great GP however when I was referred to a CFS ( Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E) clinic my NHS borough decided they would refuse to pay for any treatment out of borough. Since then I have been left to deal with this illness in the best way I can, taking very strong painkillers and muscle relaxants to help with the pain I suffer everyday.

So take the time to take a look at the videos below which may help you understand what we go through on a daily basis.

M.E/CFS Sleepydust Video

M.E/CFS A Torturous Disease

What is M.E/CFS

These video’s can explain it much better than I can. I hope you have a better understanding now and no longer think us sufferer’s are lazy!!

If you know someone with M.E the greatest thing you can do is to believe them and understand.

4 thoughts on “M.E Awareness Week starts 6th May.

  1. Must be very difficult having an ‘invisible’ and misunderstood condition. That part I totally understand, given how similar that feels to Autism and ASDs! Well done on raising awareness and I hope you have your ME somewhat under control.

    I’m half way through an Awareness post on something else myself, I’ll finally get it done, soon I hope! As I will that ‘women who inspire me’ tag you gave me a while ago…I haven’t forgotten you know!

    xx Jazzy

    1. It is similar with regard to awareness you almost feel as though you have to fight your corner!! Like you I just want to get more people to understand that although we can look fine on the inside the condition can be crippling somedays 🙂

  2. One of the my friends runs a clinic in Dublin that provides therapies that can ease the symptoms of ME – so I’m very aware of it at the moment and trying to get more media over here to cover the topic for international ME week. Very sad to read that you can’t get the help that you so obviously need xx

    1. That’s great that more clinics are providing the treatment- I have just been unlucky in the postcode lottery I think. More coverage would be great wherever it is as the more people who understand the better chance of it being taken seriously. Thanks 🙂 and I wish your friend well x

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