Mums Half Hour Friday 9th Sept.

Mums Half Hour Episode Four!

 I don’t know about you but I’m well past the stage of looking for maternity clothes ( unless something unexpected happens!!) however I totally remember how hard it was to find anything decent to wear, especially to work!! At that point I remember lots of baggy t-shirts and men’s shirts!!! Not attractive in the least and probably would have been better sticking to a black bin liner!!!
Anyway even though I am not at that stage I have noticed more and more high street shops stocking maternity clothes that are actually made for work and casual situations.Anyway this weeks mums half hour is about that so join in and have your say on Friday 9th September 2011 @ 1.30pm!!
Mums Half Hour Episode Four: Join Us LiveThe panel discuss maternity fashion pre and post baby, and the joy and challenges of multiple births
Pregnancy and motherhood present plenty of challenges and all mums know just how different life becomes for the nine months before baby arrives and when he or she arrives and is part of the family.
But it’s not just sleepless nights, teething and potty training that can prove a headache for mothers – there’s also the challenge of finding clothes that fit (and we’re not talking old baggy t-shirts), the pressure to look as good as celeb mums and even our friends, and the motivation to even bother with fashion and getting back into shape.
No one understands these issues more than our panel of mums for the next episode of Mums Half Hour. Joining us live and answering your questions, are Jane Goldsmith, Nifa McLaughlin and Emily Carlisle.  With London Fashion Week just around the corner, the panel will be discussing Autumn/Winter fashion for mums, from where to shop, what styles to look for and which celeb looks to copy and which to avoid. 
Emily also has the added challenge of two little treasures as the mother of twins and she’ll be discussing the challenges for those expecting or now enjoying having more than one little baby to take care of. 
This webTV show will be live and interactive, with the panel taking your questions and thoughts so if you have something to say, they want to hear it!

Our panel join us live online at on Friday 9th September at 13.30 to discuss maternity fashion and multiple births.

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