Mums half Hour……….Last One!

Does the sight of Christmas cards send you into a frenzy of stress? Or are you revelling already in all the Christmas spirit that is already available in the shops? Do you stress over what to buy as gifts?

Christmas…………………love it or loathe it, it will soon be upon us. So tune in and put your questions to the panel or get the advice you need.

FRIDAY 11th @ 1330pm!!

Join us live for the Final Episode of Mums Half Hour
The panel discuss how to manage Christmas stress, the perils of present buying and Christmas party outfits

Christmas can be a stressful time for all, especially for Mums. There is the expense of buying gifts, the rush of last minute shopping and the work and preparation that goes into making the perfect family meal – which includes entertaining and dealing with over excited children!

But it isn’t just the cost of buying gifts worrying Mums; there is also the issue of jealousy between children. It is natural for children to show some envy of another’s toys and presents, but how do you avoid your child turning into a green-eyed monster? Whether it is teaching your kids to share or general manners, our Mums have all the answers!

No one understands these issues more than our panel of mums for the next, and final, episode of Mums Half Hour. Joining us live and answering your questions, are Antonia Chitty, Sam Heynes and Janet Inglis who will be discussing Christmas and everything that goes with it, including what party outfits to wear for you and your child and if buying new outfits is even necessary.

This webTV show will be live and interactive for the last time, with the panel taking your questions and thoughts so if you have something to say, they want to hear it!


Our panel join us live online at on Friday 11th November at 13.30 to discuss Christmas stress, the perils of present buying and how to deal with behavioural problems.


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