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Invisalign Go treatment is something I have lusted after for quite a few years. But as it’s quite an investment we weren’t in a position to even contemplate it until now.


Invisalign Go

I have been incredibly self conscious about my crooked teeth for as long as I can remember. Even though I had standard plate braces back in the day. Bear in mind I’ve just turned 50, so that gives you an idea of what brace treatment was available way back then. There was also no real form of after care, retainers or anything remotely similar to keep them in their new ‘straight’ position.

It was inevitable that over time those buggers were going to get on the move after a while.

To be fair, they were Ok, although far from perfect, up until I was in my early 40’s. However, I found that once there was an initial bit of movement that was it!  Within a few years that crooked teeth ‘look’ became much more prominent and therefore noticeable.

Movement since then, and certainly within the last 2-3 years has been incredibly quick in my eyes. Bear in mind once you become focussed on that one thing it becomes the only thing you can see!

For me the culmination of lockdown and turning the big 5-0 in July gave me time to properly reassess what I wanted from life. Cue everyone shouting ‘MIDLIFE CRISIS’!

I had finally gone self employed and started my social media business in early 2019. I found that networking was key to getting your name out there. However, networking means meeting people you don’t know and making a first impression. I already use a walking stick which I have a love/ hate relationship with. Rightly or wrongly I always feel that people see the stick first and make a judgement on that. Let alone when I start chatting away they can then notice my crooked teeth.

Now that might not be a big deal to some people. But I have found that actually it really does affect my own self confidence immensely. I love what I do for a living and I’m bloody good at it. However, I find I’m not practicing what I preach to my clients about getting more visible on their social media channels.

I recently joined in with an EFT Tapping course based around confidence on Instagram run by the very lovely @louisahusseyeft. It was 5 days and touched on the things that hold us back. During that  I realised that my crooked teeth had affected my confidence so much that I had stopped putting myself ‘out there’ on my own social media for my business!

Literally 2 days into the course I had made an appointment with my normal local dentist. I knew I hadn’t had a  check up for a couple of years. Shocking I know but the thought of going to the dentist freaks me right out. I also knew I would need both a check up and a hygienist appointment before I could book an appointment somewhere for Invisalign Go treatment.

So for those of you who don’t know what EFT is why not pop over to Louisa’s account and take a look. I don’t think I would have plucked up the courage to do it otherwise.

I had been looking on Instagram at local dentists that were offering Invisalign treatments. Obviously I wanted to do a little research on prices. But it was only when I mentioned it to my dentist at my original appointment did I find out they also offer the treatment. Before I knew it I had booked the free consultation to get the ball rolling.

Now, because Invisalign Go is what I consider a huge investment financially I thought I would document my personal experience along the way. I hope it may help someone else who is in the throws of midlife and wondering whether to take the plunge.

So, why now?


*AGE without a doubt this has played a huge part. I’ve just turned 50. I know for a fact if I do not do it now I will miss my opportunity and then think it’s not worth doing as I get older. Also realising 50 is not old! Who knew?

*SELF CONFIDENCE is the most pressing reason for me personally. It’s incredibly difficult to explain how much something like crooked teeth can in fact hold you back from doing what you want to do. I know my business will suffer for it in the long run. I want to be practising what I preach to all my clients by showing up and showing them that it actually works!

*TIME FOR ME as I have spent the last 20 odd years in the background as a mum and wife. My boys are in their 20’s now and obviously need me less. Although taxi and cooking duties are still going strong. Mr B is due to retire from his time in the police and will be starting his own business as a driving instructor.

So, it’s time now to invest in me and continue to build my own business. I love meeting people in person, face to face and at networking events. It’s time for me to start feeling more comfortable and confident in myself doing these things again.

*FINANCIALLY we are now in a position where Invisalign Go is possible for me. We are no longer supporting our eldest at uni and our youngest has chosen not to go down the uni route. The time is right and the time is now.


I will say that my local dentist , Sidcup Dental Surgery, is not the cheapest one offering this treatment. But they have made me feel so comfortable throughout the whole process so far that I think that’s certainly worth paying for in my case. I’m sure they have me registered as Nervous Nelly on their system!

Because Invisalign Go is what I consider a huge investment financially, I thought I would document my personal experience along the way. I hope it may help someone else who is in the throws of midlife and wondering whether to take the plunge.

I will write another post about the price and the few appointments I have had so far so that anyone contemplating Invisalign treatment will know what to expect.

My aligners are now on order and my next appointment will be made when they arrive back at the dental practice along with my treatment plan.

Invisalign Go teeth

If any of you have been down the Invisalign Go route I would love any advice or tips that you might have

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2 thoughts on “My Invisalign Go Treatment

  1. This resonates so much! Like you, I had a brace in my teens (30 years ago) but my teeth have subsequently moved, becoming more noticeable over recent years. I’m currently sporting a white fixed brace. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. My smile and confidence are back.

    1. Oh wow great minds and all that! Yes it really has affected my self confidence so badly especially over the last few years ( just bit by bit) which is not great when you run your own business about being visible online! Oh the irony……….my aligners are being made at the moment so only a few weeks to wait for me to get started, but I seriously cannot wait. I’d love you to share some before and after pics, I hope you haven’t got too much longer on your treatment x

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