My New Family Addition!

I hereby welcome my newest family addition. This has been a long time coming as I had put it off for such a long time! Now however, the time is right. But I want to tell you it truly is a love/ hate relationship. Can we love something and hate it at the same time?? Well I think I do. I love what it enables me to do but hate it as it draws people that I do not know to stare look and therefore makes me uncomfortable.

So here’s my new addition……………………………what do you think?

My ankle pain has been so bad since before Christmas that I have ‘given in’ and bought a walking stick to help. I have to travel to London regularly with my youngest and his acting activities that it has become a necessity!! I refuse to use it all the time however, if I know I am going to be out for an extended period I will take it with me.

So I love it because it truly helps me when I am out walking but hate it at the same time as I see people look at the stick and look at me!!! What is it?? Never seen someone with a f**king walking stick before?? It does not mean I am mentally retarded or ‘care in the community’……………………………….it just means I need help to be on my feet for longer!!!

I feel as though I need a sign around my neck saying ‘I am normal you know- no need to treat me any differently’.

My health borough refuses to pay for any M.E treatment so I don’t have access to therapy groups, or OT’s or programmes to help me manage the condition better. I have to use what works for me- and this helps for those days I know I will be having to walk longer distances. I am always in pain especially in my ankles however I refuse to confine myself to bed or stay indoors and so this is seen as a solution to problem that I have to face.


Do you know of anyone who needs walking aids or help to get around who is frustrated with how they are viewed?

10 thoughts on “My New Family Addition!

  1. I love it:) My walking stick is just black and I do have to use it outdoors all the time. I might have to get a fancy one like yours. Where have you bought it? I’m in England at Easter and would look for a smart one like yours:)

    1. I bought it from Amazon so they deliver all over the place just look for folding or extendable sticks and there is a great choice!!

    1. Thanks Mette I think I love the ‘handicapable’saying and your positive outlook too. I just need to get used to using the stick and maybe it will feel more normal!! 🙂

  2. I think Mary Kenny did a piece recently in the Sunday Times on her stick. And of course having a daughter who uses a wheelchair means that we both get viewed a certain way!

    1. I have always made a point of not staring at people in wheelchairs for that reason but I certainly have a new understanding of what it must be like ( in a much smaller way). I will try and find that article as I would be interested to read what she said, thanks 🙂

  3. My mum uses a wheelchair, I think I mentioned our experiences on my healthy observations blog entry. But what causes more staring is when she holds her 2 year old grandson on her lap as she is wheeled around. it looks cool. So all I can say is , like mum, doing your own thing and using such a cool stick you are telling the world I am me! So take the stares as a compliment because it’s people like you that help break barriers!

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