New Kid on the Block

Or I will rephrase that to


He may be cute but he has put the original terrorist firmly in her place!!

Not quite up to socially terrorising just yet, he skulks and strikes when you least expect it.

Look away if you are of a nervous disposition…………YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Hopefully you didn’t need to change your underwear ( sorry if you did!).

Now I know what you are thinking ( yes I’m good at that) how on earth could this little bundle of cuteness possible cause any trouble?

Was I right?? Go on tell me I was right.

Anyway, this little devil does allsorts of things to make your hair curl, and that’s without mentioning what his other end is capable of ( I have spared you the photographic proof- you will thank me in the end).

His new game is:

Yes you guessed it ‘ How many squares of paper are on this roll’!!

Then he will be sitting literally feet away looking at you:

Like butter wouldn’t melt. Well I know different buddy.

And this is before he is able to go out into the big wide world!! God help next door’s cats when he gets his freedom in a few weeks time!!

Warning to the neighbourhood………….LOCK UP YOUR DAUGHTERS!!

Enough said.

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