Our nutty tortoise neighbour!

Our nutty tortoise neighbour!

Yes we are one of those people who attracts all the nutters in animal form, don’t ask me how but it always happens.

The latest to our collection is our nutty tortoise neighbour, who constantly tries to get in our garden, has an aversion to trainers and will attack on sight. Now this would be totally unpleasant if the neighbour was actually human but alas this one is a fabulous feisty tortoise.

It has lived next door for the whole 17yrs we have been in our house. He even went missing for a year or two before turning up out of nowhere when they were re landscaping their garden. However, this week his perseverance has gone through the roof as my husband has been working at replacing our fencing between their house and ours.

This particular tortoise will stop at nothing to get in the garden as this picture shows:

our nutty tortoise neighbour
He spent ages trying to get through this space getting himself on his side to get through in the end.

But that’s not all, once in he spends his time chasing you around the garden trying to headbutt ( yes headbutt!) your shoes……….. told you it was a complete nutter. So much so we had to video him the other day in action- take a look:

Told you we attract ALL the nutters!

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