Popping my Britmums Live cherry

Popping my Britmums Live cherry- 2014

First of all this post is really, really late but I will explain that in another post!

Anyway, on to me popping my Britmums Live cherry.

After listening to all the talk on Twitter last year, looking at all the fab pictures and generally feeling like I had missed out. I decided that 2014 was definitely the year I was going to go to the Britmums Live event in London.

An amazing venue
An amazing venue

The venue was fabulous even on the outside.










To say I was nervous was the biggest understatement.

It’s OK to be brave chatting to people from behind a screen via Twitter and Facebook. But going inside when it seemed everyone knew each other was daunting. Thankfully there was an arranged meet up beforehand for some newbies in a local Starbucks. This was great as we were all in the same position and it was good to meet a group of people before getting inside the venue.

The place was huge and absolutely mobbed with hundreds of excitable bloggers in a party mood.

Britmums Live
Friday night awards with Katy Hill


I learned a lot from Britmums Live 2014.

The agenda was packed and I certainly made the most of being a newbie and attended loads the sessions on offer. I was inspired by Capture by Lucy and I came away with some fab ideas. From sprucing up my site, talking better pics and generally being more confident about what I do.

My favourite one was definitely Geekmummy . She ran the tech session which was absolutely packed to the rafters. My pen was whizzing down dot com’s all over the place to help with the technical side of making changes on my site. I’m such a bloody technophobe it’s embarrassing!

It was rounded off by the Bloggers’ Keynote which had me laughing and then crying within minutes. Between that and the amazing opening keynote that morning from Benjamin Brooks-Dutton at Life as a Widower .Who managed to reduce us all to blubbering wrecks from his speech, but managed to be engaging and funny and upbeat all at the same time.

All in all, I did thoroughly enjoy Britmums Live. Although, I still felt very awkward and new and out of place, I met some lovely bloggers in the same position. I had some great fun at the sessions and enjoyed some fabulous food from the Morrison’s kitchen.

However, due to my M.E the 2 days took it’s toll and so with that in mind I have decided that next year I definitely need to stay over in a hotel. You know just to cut down on the travel……………..and not have such an early start on the Saturday. Nothing at all to do with staying out afterwards for a sneaky cocktail and a cooked breakfast in the morning. No not that at ALL!



3 thoughts on “Popping my Britmums Live cherry

  1. I love hearing about Britmums Live and repeat – I wish we had this in Ireland!
    Sounds like a wonderful experience and I’m glad you were able to attend 🙂 xx

    1. It’s a shame they don’t- maybe approach them about it. Was def worth it for the sessions and talks etc and lovely to meet peeps you talk to online! 🙂

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