Remembrance Day before Christmas please

Remembrance day before Christmas please.

First of all don’t get me wrong I enjoy CHRISTMAS!

I really do, my decorations go up at the start of December. The teens still get their own filled advent calendar and we watch all the Christmas films going. My youngest also has the Christmas music playing continuously.

However, with all the talk over the new John Lewis TV advert and all the other large companies following suit with theirs I have become unbelievably annoyed.

It is Remembrance Day this Sunday with the actual 11th day being early next week.

So why are we inundated with bloody Christmas adverts already. OK, I’m also guilty of getting sorted for the season early. I’ve got my cards, and I am making my lists for pressies and have already started buying all my festive chocs and treats. I know some shops even have had their Christmas stuff in and on sale even before Halloween. I’m not daft I realise there is a huge commercial value for businesses on the lead up to the big day. I have no problem with the shops gearing up for the Christmas frenzy that would never be changed ever.

However, I do object to the showing of Christmas adverts before we have even had Remembrance Day!

I may just be in the minority here but I really don’t care. Having been in the Royal Air Force myself along with Mr B I feel unbelievably strong about this. The British legion do their best every year to raise as much money as possible. Showing respect for all the fallen brave men who died for us to have the freedom we enjoy today. Almost everyone will have had a very distant relative who fought in the wars for our behalf.

Now I know there is no real commercial value to Remembrance Day, apart from what is charitably raised. This year to mark the 100 year anniversary the ceramic poppies at the Tower of London will have gone a long way to raise awareness, allowing people to pay their respects while also raising a phenomenal amount thanks to those who were lucky enough to buy one.

Remembrance day Poppies
Each poppy representing a fallen soldier from the war!

So why does it feel as though it is being forgotten amongst the Christmas commercial mayhem?

It is the 100th year anniversary and so it’s certainly extra special. Just because it goes back to remembering the 1st World War doesn’t mean we cannot also remember all of those who have in recent years lost their lives in places like Afghanistan, something that is very close to home for many people, as we do every year.

So please, what is 1 weeks difference between releasing the special Christmas adverts by companies this week or waiting until the 12th November out of respect?

Surely people will still be buying their Christmas pressies and goodies from the shops anyway,but at least it will feel as though major companies are showing their respect by leaving the adverts until after Remembrance Day. Even by doing so there is still a huge lead up to Christmas time wise, plenty in fact.

Therefore, I’m back to my first question. Can we have Remembrance day before the commercial Christmas advertising?


5 thoughts on “Remembrance Day before Christmas please

  1. I hate the commercial side of Christmas which seems to descend on us earlier and earlier every year. I had never thought about the disrespectful side of it and couldn’t agree more. Just thoughtless.

    1. It was only because all the ads were being exclusively ‘revealed’ this week- I just thought that a few days extra really couldn’t have made that much difference to them………. but obviously not 🙁

  2. Being the daughter of a military Father I have to agree with you. It would be respectful for the adverts and more to wait until the date had passed. But sadly….I doubt that would ever happen. 🙁 Thanks for linking up with #MMWBH x

    1. I know it will definitely never happen, but you would think this anniversary would have been different- obviously it wasn’t 🙁

  3. Still no change this year. I too enjoy the build up to Christmas but it bothers me that remembrance day is seemingly being “forgotten ” as ex service personnel and having lost friends as so many are still it would be much appreciated to hold off just a week

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