Remington Pro 2100w hair dryer – review

First of all I am publically declaring that I DETEST my hair! I was obviously last in the line for hair and ended up with an auburn (used to be bright ginger) naturally frizzy curly mop that I can do nothing with.

However, in saying that we all have to make the best of what we have so I apply anti frizz and curl defining cream to help make it more curly and less of a ‘just plugged myself into the electric’ look. I occasionally straighten it which in all honesty I prefer however, it is such a palava and takes so long that I just cant be bothered unless it’s a special occasion.

My hairdryer is just a little small travel one with one speed and an open nozzle, I know this doesn’t help me much but due to my muscular pain I cannot hold anything heavier for any length of time before it gets too sore and uncomfortable.

I was chuffed to bits to  try out a beauty case    with the Remington Pro 2100w hair dryer  over the Christmas period. I was sceptical at first ( I mean a hair dryer is just a hair dryer, right?) and was worried that it would be too heavy for me to use for any lenth of time. When I dry my hair normally it would take around 25 minutes or so and easily an hour and a half if I straighten it!

Being used to my little travel one I was actually excited to get some gadgets with this one, a diffuser and a prcision nozzle along with different styles of brushes for different hair types. It all comes in a handy carry bag which actually is great to chuck it all in when your done and shove it out of the way in the wardrobe. It was also the most powerful one I had tried too.

DSCF4019So, to try out both styles I decided to try the straightening on my eldest son’s hair. Although he has lovely thick dark hair he unfortunately has been cursed with the natural wavyness which means his hair normally looks a state within minutes of drying it. It all tends to curl up at the edges however hard you try to make it stop ( I’m sure a hair straightener will be going on his next Christmas list). I didn’t use any straightening product, I just dried his hair using the small pecision nozzle to see what would happen.

Both of us were quite impressed- him especially! This was just down to the sheer power of the hairdryer and the little nozzle on the end, amazing- he was a very happy chappy.

I then tried the diffuser on mine, something I never use as have always belived it would frizz my hair even more. Again the power of the dryer cut the drying time down to around 10-15 minutes which is great for me. I used my normal hair product which is a anti frizz wet spray before drying and then a curl defining cream when it has been dried.

Excuse my very small bathroom ( smallest one my plumber has ever installed lol but it’s still an en-suite!). Now I do have generally big 80’s hair however I was impressed by the less frizzy results after using the diffuser. I tend to straighten a fringe as I normally clip the front part up….

All in all I never really thought that the hairdryer would make such a difference, I always thought it was how the hairdresser made it look better and therefore I just wasn’t much good. My little one is just a point and shoot rather than a styler, so I have definitely been converted.

Now with all good beauty products they don’t tend to come cheap. But this one considering what comes with it, and the fact it is the highest powered I have seen I think this is a reasonably priced product overall at around £30-£50 depending on where it is from . It cut down my drying time which compensated for the dryer itself being heavier with the extras on there. It also has 3 speeds you can use and a ‘cool’ button in case you think the heat is too much. So generally it does everything that I would imagine anyone needing.

So the verdict?

A decent product for a decent price!


DISCLOSURE: this review was in collaboration with Chemist Direct, however all views are my own and I was sent the product free of charge in return for an honest review.




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