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I was tagged a little while ago by the very lovely Evey over at seriously if you haven’t come across her yet then shame on you, get over there she is hilarious!

Anyway, she kindly tagged me in this Who is your Role Model post and that really got me thinking. So who have been my role models in life? I struggled with this actually, thinking who do I look up to, want to be like or have learned from??

Again I was left thinking.

Then I thought about the ‘types’ of people rather than individuals. This made the whole thing a lot easier as I realised I ‘admire’ people for who they are rather than what they are. Does that make sense?

So here goes:

1. Anyone who battles daily with ‘The Black Dog’!

Depression is an illness that can severely disrupt and take over someones life and the life of those close to them. My dad was a manic depressive for many years before he died, although he let it consume him more that battle it. I am in awe of anyone who carries on their daily lives suffering with this illness. Some of the greats have battled from Churchill to Stephen Fry!!

2. People who are happy in their own skin!

We are all different however it seems we all strive to be one thing- beautiful and thin!! (two things I am definitely not). We are forced to believe that if we stray from the stick thin, blonde haired, beautifully made up look then we are less than perfect. I admire those who celebrate their uniqueness, those who see the ‘imperfections’ as part of them and who they are. Success does not come from being the stereotype, Dawn French has not let it stop her!! And Kate Winslett ( ok she is beautiful and has a figure to die for) is seen as being curvy rather than stick thin (and she takes her kit off frequently enough to show us she is comfortable in her own skin!!).

3. Happy people ( those who always see their glass as being half full)!

I totally admire/ envy anyone with this outlook on life. No matter what life throws at them they do not seem to crumble but use it to their advantage. I am a worrier to the extreme- money, work, children, and the what if’s!! Yet we have a roof over our heads and my OH is in full time work and my children are healthy.

I know a few people (one particular friend)who always see the good in people and situations.People who go with the flow and just let things happen knowing everything will work out OK.

 4. Authors

Almost any author in fact. Someone who has had the conviction and belief to put their backside on a chair and type or write until their story is finished. Taking the knock backs until the day their book is published! Now I read allsorts myself however, anything from chick lit to true life stories and most stuff in between, but JK Rowling goes without saying ( with her determination to prove that her story was worth reading).


So there it is! I know I haven’t named names as it were but this was more relevant to me rather than a definite Role model.

Who would you choose and why?


7 thoughts on “Role Models!

    1. Your welcome- i found it hard to pick out definite names so this made more sense to me. Will look forward to reading yours! 🙂

  1. Thanks for the tag! This is a really good tag I think. I will have to put my thinking cap on. I love your take on it and I love our nice, clean new look to your blog. Looks fab.

    xx Jazzy (@ValOD1)

  2. I notice that happiness – or not – is a theme here. It reminds me of the Serenity prayer, of accepting you life and finding the positives in it – something I try to do, but sometimes fail at spectacularly !

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