Rug Doctor to the rescue

I have been meaning to try one of these machines for ages especially for my youngest teens room as his carpet is in a pretty grim state, but it has ended up being a job I just procrastinated about rather than got on with.

So a few weeks ago I sent Rug Doctor a very cheeky tweet with a picture of my son’s excuse for a carpet to see if they would be up for a challenge! Unbelievably they responded immediately and emailed me with an offer to try one of their machines. So, I could procrastinate no more and it forced us into a complete clear out in my son’s room which was well overdue.

Disgusting I know!
Disgusting I know!

So the Rug Doctor carpet cleaner was delivered to my house complete with all sorts of cleaning sprays and the detergent to get started immediately. The very next day my husband was off work he went straight to work with the machine, which had clear instructions on how to use it actually on the machine itself and seemed fairly self explanatory. We just started with a patch in the room to see if we could see a ‘before’ and ‘after’ shot which I think you will agree shows an unbelievable improvement literally within minutes.

You cannot deny a definite before and after improvement- we couldn't believe the difference
You cannot deny a definite before and after improvement- we couldn’t believe the difference

I have seen these machines in most major supermarkets for hire for what I think is a very reasonable price as for us with one room mainly that we wanted done would have only have cost us around £40 for the day hire of the machine and the amount of detergent needed for the room. I think you will agree it’s certainly much cheaper than replacing a carpet if it really isn’t necessary or if money is tight.

As our son’s carpet was pretty grim to say the least we used the spot spray on the very tough stains and then sprayed a covering of the odour spray before going fully in with the machine to do the carpet wash. When we emptied the machine we were shocked at what came out…………..the water was absolutely disgusting!


This only proved to us even more that the cleaner was well worth using instead of just ripping the carpet out. Luckily enough we had enough detergent sent through so we made the most of the machine and did the stair carpet ( as there was an attachment hose with the machine) and our front room rug, just to clean it up a little for over the winter.

I am always a little sceptical about these sorts of machines thinking are they actually going to do what they say they will, to be honest that is probably what has made us unconsciously put this job off. Although I was sent the machine as a review after challenging them on Twitter to see if they were up to the job and therefore didn’t pay for the hire, I would certainly not hesitate to hire one of these again. It was simple to use and we saw results immediately. There are still some of the stains left on the carpet, however, they have been long standing ground in stuff that have been there for a long time. It still removed the harshness of them fading them slightly but overall the carpet itself without any stains really has come up extremely well and has been given a new lease of life for over the winter.

This is the complete ‘after’ picture of my son’s carpet:

Unbelievable isn't it?
Unbelievable isn’t it?

So don’t be like me and just keep procrastinating about a job like this, don’t rip the carpet out just give Rug Doctor a try, for the price of say a meal out for two you could get away with making your carpet last a lot longer and bring it back to almost how it was when it was new.


DISCLAIMER: I was sent a Rug Doctor carpet cleaner free of charge to try for review purposes but all views are my own and are based purely on the results we experienced

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