School Holiday Tourettes Syndrome…………it’s a serious condition!

I can vouch for this as I am a true sufferer. It starts a few hours after the kids finish school for the holidays and then subsides the day they go back!!  Weird I know.

It starts small with the odd feck just in my head. However, the longer the kids are off the worse the condition gets, until I’m shouting/ screaming……..

F**k, Sh*t, B**locks…………….in my head of course!

Ok, Ok I admit the odd one MAY just pop out uncontrollably.

There is no cure for this condition (story of my life) however, there is a management treatment that seems to help…………………………………..It’s called ALCOHOL.

I have tried and tested this to the full and can definitely say that it does help the situation.

Anyone else suffer with this VERY SERIOUS condition?

2 thoughts on “School Holiday Tourettes Syndrome…………it’s a serious condition!

  1. Strangely, I am the other way round. I swear like a trooper at work – out loud and in my head. But when I’m at home with the kids I draw a line under it. I don’t want them swearing nor do I want them to know I swear, so I just don’t do it! It amazes me how I manage it, considering how much I swear the rest of the time!
    Found you on Claire Justine’s weekend bloghop BTW.

    1. Hi thanks for popping over 🙂 My kids are teens now and when the odd 1 slips out they say ‘ I’ve heard worse at school’!! I know I shouldn’t do it but sometimes I just need them to stop arguing LOL In my head though I’m swearing like a trooper – will pop over and check out your blog over the weekend 🙂

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