Science Museum Space Exhibition- a free day out for summer!

I was lucky enough to be one of the few people invited to the relaunch of the Science Museum’s Space Exhibition in London on Wednesday evening.

With me I had 2 trusty space explorers in the shape of my 10 year old and his best buddy! When we arrived we were welcomed  and our explorers were given the coolest video cameras to record their visit.
This was by far the best decision for the visit as all the children there were running around recording all sorts of different things going on!

So we were given a tour that led us through the space entrance and the children had their ‘passports’ to find a special letter in each of the relevant sections.

They loved this globe!

By far the most enjoyable bit for my two 10 year old explorers was definitely the Launchpad where they had the most amazing ‘hands on’ activities. As there were only a few of us there the children had the rare experience of being able to try lots of these out without a wait! Again this was something they talked about on the train journey home.

The wall of water/ bubbles!

In passing we went through the area where the Imax is and we came across these……….not space related but they loved one and I loved the other.

Boys and their toys!
A fantastic dress made entirely of newspaper….no sign of the boys!

They were then able to listen to a talk about all things space related by a real enthusiast, who dressed for the part and everything. Children being children though, were engrossed by the stories of how astronauts go the the toilet in space! Typical.

 We have visited the Science museum before but probably not since last year so my son had a real treat that evening. However, the tour itself went past very quickly and the children seemed understandably rushed from one part to another. They talked on the way home that they would have loved to have more time in each section. The upside to this is that it has given both of them a renewed interest to go back for the day over the summer. Although they wont be lucky enough to have video cameras next time, and the museum will be incredibly busy I’m sure, they are looking forward to staying for the day and visiting all the departments. I know for certain I will be sat in the hands on Launchpad for a very long time on my next visit!!

Please if you are close enough for a visit and haven’t been before it truly is worth a trip. Any age group will enjoy it here and the adults will love it just as much as the kids………I guarantee it!

This all kicks off on the 23rd July, the museum itself is free to get in (although there are charges for the Imax and simulator if you chose to do them). So there are no excuses for not popping along during the summer holidays (unless of course you live in Scotland!!)

Check out their website

5 thoughts on “Science Museum Space Exhibition- a free day out for summer!

  1. Wow looks like they had a great time. My kids would love it but a bit far to pop for the day. If I am down that way with them will take them though.

    Dianne x

  2. Or Ireland lol. A bit too far for us as well, but I would love my son to be able to experience something like this x

  3. It is a bit too far to travel from Scotland but luckily for me, I am going to be in London for a week, the second week of August so I will probably take some time to have a sneaky peak 🙂

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