Something strange is occurring …

I say occurring as it is still happening. The phenomenon started almost a month ago now ( not that I’m counting or anything) and seems to have become the norm in our house. The very strange thing is that this phenomenon has never occurred before in our house, and when I say never I mean NEVER.

Oh I have heard of it of course but never actually experienced it first hand and was almost jealous of those who had. In fact I had resigned myself to the fact it would never happen and was open an honest about it.

So what is this phenomenon I hear you ask?

Well, my eldest is 16 now and my youngest is about to turn 14. They have never been buddies, they never get on to the point that they stay in their respective bedrooms away from each other to avoid contact. I have often described it as ‘They cannot breathe the same air’.ย Sitting at the dinner table can be horrendous unless everyone sits in silence and days out can be a traumatic experience as a general rule! But lately there has been a shift. A shift towards ( dare I say it) becoming friends. Well maybe not friends exactly but getting along.

Not being used to this behaviour my OH and I feel like fish out of water. We stare in amazement at each other when they are laughing and joking at the dinner table. We even came in the other day when they both had an early school finish to find them both downstairs TOGETHER playing a game on the Xbox TOGETHER after the eldest had brought them both in a pizza!!!

Even as I write this it’s still sounds bizarre, unnatural and certainly not something that has ever happened in my house before. I am so hoping this phenomenon is here to stay as it has relieved a lot of general stress that has been hanging about on a day to day basis.

Now I’m not quite sure where the change has come from but it seems to have started after my eldest got his GCSE results. That seems silly I know but it’s the only trigger I can think of. I think my youngest who is a domineering character to say the least has finally realised that his older brother is that…… his OLDER brother, who has started 6th form, who is getting a part time job, who has a lot more freedom to go out with his mates and will be able to drive before he does! The penny may have dropped and therefore there is no need to be competitive over anything.

All I can say is that I am keeping everything crossed that this continues, it has made life a lot more enjoyable in this house to say the least.

How do your siblings get on?

8 thoughts on “Something strange is occurring …

    1. I never even had the rare moments it was just constant for us- got stressful and depressing to be honest- so this change has been great!

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