Spin Mania Review

Spin Mania Review

We had the chance to review a new game, Spin Mania, out in time for Christmas. It’s not your normal board game with dice and counters, believe me we have loads of them in this house.

Spin Mania is more of a hands on game and puts extra pressure on with a timer.

This game comes from Drumond Park which sell all sorts of games online check it out at their website www.drumondpark.com

Here’s the what they say about it


A 2+ player game to test speed and agility by completing spinning plate time trial challenges in the fastest time. Includes 1 x motorised spin base with timer, 3 x spinning plates, 3 x plate bases, 1 x plate handle, 4 x scoring pegs, and instructions. Requires 2 x ‘C’ batteries (not included). Suitable for children aged 6 years upwards.


No assembly is required other than putting together the three plate stands by pushing the posts into the three-legged bases. Batteries also need to be inserted into the underside of the Spin Base prior to play – a Phillips screwdriver will be required for this.

To play, each player turns on the spin base (via a switch on the underside) and, ensuring that the timer is set to the start position and the tip is spinning steadily, starts the timer and lowers their first plate onto the tip. Once the plate is spinning on the tip, the player must use their plate handle (or ‘spin spike’) to pick it up and transfer it to one of the positioned plate stands, following which they must then rush back and repeat the process with the second and third plates. 

Obviously players take part one at a time, and to make the game more challenging the other players secretly place the plate stands around the playing area (agreed in advance) prior to each turn, for example in a visible but slightly difficult-to-get-to location!

The plates must be spinning at all times during and after transfer – if they are dropped en route or they stop spinning, they must be ‘spun up’ again. Once the third plate is spinning on its stand, the player races back to the spin base to stop the timer. Coloured marker pegs are included for each player to handily record their time (via holes around the side of the timer).

The winner is the player who completes the challenge in the shortest time.

Here’s what we think:

So my boys are 12 and 14yrs old. This game is suitable for 6+ although to be honest it would depend on their motor skills at that age. We gave it a go and thought it would be probably too young for my boys. How wrong could I be.

The element of competition with the timer was brilliant. Also the fact that they could place the plate bases anywhere in the room!

It wasn’t as easy as it looked though and I would suggest everyone has a practice of transferring the plates before the game starts. Our boys are very competitive so it was entertaining in itself waiting to see where they had placed the base plates.

The plates need enough spin to keep going until you can place the last plate but it’s a fine line between enough spin and wasting time.


All in all we found this to be an different style and very entertaining game. This one will definitely be played over Christmas and will be hilarious after a few glasses of wine ( for the adults of course).

Spin Mania retails around £22.99 and is in keeping with most game prices. There is no major set up but remember like most games the batteries are NOT included.

DISCLAIMER: we were sent this game free of charge for review purposes

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