I survived the first week back to school…….did you?

I survived the first week back at school…….did you?

YES I survived the 1st week back to school.

Oh. My. God. (actually OMFG!!)

How hard was that. Really was it just me,  I truly doubt it.

Now my boys are 12 and 14yrs old so granted I don’t have the school run to do, but I would VERY gladly swap the school run for teenage moodiness and tantrums. Yep TANTRUMS. Oh and deciding to get them to make their own packed lunches went down like a lead balloon *cough* HELLO we have been making them since you went to Reception! So perhaps I will leave it a while before I introduce my eldest to ironing his own school shirts.

Ok, I know they are tired too, and I must admit it’s hard seeing them leave for school in the dark. I detested that when I was young, although I was in Belfast so it was dark AND RAINING!

So here’s to a mammoth lay in for all concerned tomorrow.