Beware the teenage hormones!

Beware the teenage hormones!

Teenage hormones

So this afternoon has consisted of a rampage of teenage hormones:

Happy chat

Grunting answers

Mad waving of hands in a ‘ WTF’ attitude!

Shouting at top of voice

Total meltdown complete with tears


Slamming of cups and plates

Then total chill out!!!


So if you take a quick look at the list you will probably come to 1 of 2 conclusions……….

I’m premenstrual  OR

teenage daughter is premenstrual!

WRONG…………………………………………Teenage boy must be ( I have no girls)!!!!!!  As this was the behavior we had in the space of about an hour.


Light Strike Review

Light Strike Review

When I was asked if my boys would like to review the new Light Strike range it was a total no brainer! Boys and their toys and all that.

Light Strike

Light Strike is a super-cool new interactive battle game from WowWee, makers of bestselling toys, Paper Jamz and Robosapien


Light Strike is the first interactive gaming system that brings video games into the real world, live and in colour. Fully customisable with built-in weapon choices and slots to attach accessories, players can make tactical decisions to add new features and functions on the go. Interactive light and sound effects put you in the middle of combat, creating exciting ever-changing battle scenarios!

We were sent 2 of the Light Strike Assault Strikers, 4 of the add-ons (enemy scanner, machine gun bi pod, refractor launch and scope) and a Light Strike ITS to try out.

They delved in straight away and unpacked everything. Then we sorted the batteries and in true boy fashion ( I don’t need the instructions……they were off). But then they decided to check out the instructions that I had thankfully kept hold of.

Anyway, they went full into action mode. Testing the noise, the aim, the strategy and ultimately who can win! They are boys after all, the alfa male gene kicked in.

So here’s the technical bit:
Light Strike brings video-game action into the real world—live and in color. Assault Strikers and Strikers are customizable with built-in weapon features and add-on attachments that give players a tactical advantage. Play one-on-one tournaments or create up to 4 teams of unlimited players for free-for-all or Capture the Flag battles. Action at the speed of light™
For more details check out the website below

They range from £9.99 up to around £40 with the guns obviously costing the most.
The extras are just that- extras. But they certainly enhance the game between the players.
They have brilliant sound affects which the boys loved, especially the fingerprint analysis. But even better for us parents wanting a bit of quiet time they have the option of plugging in your headphones! GENIUS
My boys in truth don’t play very well together, but because of the nature of these toys they were perfect for my two. Although we were lucky enough to be sent a lot of the Light Strike range you wouldn’t necessarily need all of them to start with. Therefore, it would be something you could add to along the way, for birthdays etc.
They are available from their website and other good toy retailers


DISCLOSURE: we were sent the above range of Light Strike toys to test and review