Chicago Town Takeaway pizza

Chicago Town Takeaway pizza- review

I am surrounded by boys in this house, teenage boys with the biggest one of all being my husband! Anyone out there with teenagers will know apart from the forced grunts of Hello and Goodbye the only time you see them is when they are down raiding the fridge and kitchen cupboards for food.

Therefore, when I was recently contacted to try the new Chicago Town Takeaway pizza I jumped at the chance.Let’s face it it’s pizza and generally 90% of what teens will agree to eat anyway.

Chicago Town pizza
Although other flavours were available we opted for these two

I will admit I personally am not a lover of frozen pizzas in any shape or form. I find they are overly processed and generally have bases that could break windows.

Our favourite pizza takeaway would always be Dominoes and they would generally retail around £15 mark for a large size. To be honest we always buy 2 large. Not only will they eat it that night but they also like a few slices left over for the next day. So, typical teens.

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