A hidden treasure found in Greenwich!

I stumbled upon this little hidden treasure in Greenwich a week or two ago. I hadn’t been down to the market ( which I love to mooch around) for quite some time, but I was chaperoning my son on a photo shoot there and he happened to be in the next shop!

Mighty Fine Choc and Fudge!

Granted it doesn’t look too eye grabbing, however, this is a new venture after starting on a stall in Spittlefield Market. This is their 1st premises and they do make everything FRESH in their kitchen here!

This is what caught our eye initially……….


Enough to entice anyone in I should think. They have a great competition running at the moment (probably a week or two left) where you have to guess how many eggs in the tub……………BRILLIANT!

Try a guess on their Twitter feed @chocandfudge

I’m going to guess but send my OH if I win as he weighs much more than me LOL

I cheekily asked to try some of their signature makes, salted caramel fudge, milk and dark chocolate, chocolate fudge to name a few……………………………..

but check out the pics below to see some of the more unusual makes

just some of the fudge on display and freshly made
Check out some of the more unusual makes
Some freshly made just out of their kitchen!!!

I feel it is important to help promote local businesses in these far from easy economic times, especially one as ‘feel good’ as this little treasure.

The staff were VERY friendly and in fact encouraged you to come in and have a taste test before you buy- that’s how strongly they believe in their products.

Their name basically says what it is on the tin…………...Mighty Fine Choc and Fudge………in my humble opinion it totally lives up to the name. My OH totally endorses their dark chocolate saying it was much nicer than the regular Bournville! I am a total milk chocolate snob with only Galaxy and Diary milk meeting my high criteria, however, I tried their milk chocolate and biscuit slab which just melted in my mouth leaving no bitter cocoa aftertaste and absolutely went down a storm with a good ol’ cuppa.

My favourite had to be the Salted Caramel fudge, as fudge should be, sweet and sickly but oh soooooo moreish! So if you are watching your weight this probably isn’t the shop for you , but for a total treat or a great pressie for someone with a sweet tooth then this is the place to go.

I will go back, in fact I have to go back as they had told me about one of their signature makes that they unfortunately didn’t have at the time…………..CHOCOLATE BACON!!!

Yes you heard it here first, chocolate bacon??? I can see how this would work but I will DEFINITELY need to try.

Be warned @chocandfudge I will be back!


DISCLAIMER: I was not approached by this company for a review I simply saw it and tried and wanted to promote. I have not received any payment for this review and the opinions are totally my own view!


Versatile Blogger Award! For me???


I have very kindly been awarded the Versatile Blogger award from the lovely Mette from Oddparent Thank you so much. So if you haven’t already heard of her pop over and take a look.

Now apparently I have to tell you 7 things about myself………………mmmmm………….Ok here goes:

1. I LOVE chocolate.

2. I am from Northern Ireland now living in Kent with my lovely family.

3. I absolutely HATE spiders!!!!!

4. I served 7 years in the Royal Air Force.

5. Sadly I am now old enough to be a mother of a teenage son ( Oh God where have the years gone!).

6. I have (thankfully) NEVER smoked.

7. Stand By Me is one of my all time favourite films.

So there you have it!

Anyway now the difficult task of nominating others, I thinks it’s supposed to be 15!!! But here’s a few as some that I would have nominated already have the award……







Now I want to hear 7 things I didn’t know about you all.


The ‘Joyville’ that is ……….Chocolate!!

Attention…….ATTENTION. Calling all chocoholics.

Have you seen this, a real life chocolate making machine……….YES really. Now I love chocolate and I do have my favourites, and yes I am one of those people who like to keep theirs in the fridge!! However, I love chocolate in all forms………even when its melted ( I mean melted chocolate surely doesn’t count as your only dipping things in it,RIGHT?)

But this takes ‘chocolate fountains’ to a whole new level.

Have you ever wondered where Cadbury Dairy Milk, milk chocolate is made? You’re not the only one and for the first time this video offers chocolate lovers from across the globe the chance to see a glimpse into the world that is Joyville. What is Joyville you may ask?  The answer is simple it’s the magical mystical world where warm liquid chocolate is pumped through pipes before it’s made into chocolate treats. With a mysterious magnificent, musical giant chocolate fountain measuring 9.2m tall by 7m wide appearing in Westfield pumping 20 tonnes of warm chocolateyness through its pipe the magical mystical world of Joyville has been revealed.  

Not only spreading the joy of Cadbury Dairy Milk, the fountain offered a glimpse into the magical, mythical world of Joyville – the place where all Cadbury Dairy Milk is made. Joyville lives in the imagination of chocolate lovers the world over and is a place powered by joy to stir the fun into the nation’s favourite chocolate. The magical fountain was an opportunity to witness a small part of Joyville as it bubbled into the real world for the first time. Joyville workers were on hand to explain the story of Joyville, taking people on a guided tour of the fountain.

Cadbury Dairy Milk will be bringing more of Joyville into the real world throughout 2012 so keep your eyes peeled for signs of purple pot holes or secret doors – they could take you to the magical world of Joyville.

This chocolate lovers is SERIOUSLY cool…………………and hopefully coming to somewhere near you in 2012!!!!!!


Hotel Chocolat at Christmas!

I don’t know about you but I do love novelty Christmas chocolates, you know the stuff I’m talking about- coins, mini Santa and Snowmen, mini Christmas puds etc. I tend to buy a lot of these in order to fill up my boy’s advent calenders each year, which they love by the way.

But as far as chocolate goes I have my favourites and I’ve got to say Hotel Chocolat is one of them! OK I know what your thinking and your right they are very pricey!! But if you receive something from Hotel Chocolat you at least know people have made the effort ( as I don’t know about you but I literally could spend hours in there looking at everything!)

However, I’m on a serious budget over Christmas and have been for a few years now after having to give up work through illness. So I have had to rethink Christmas presents especially all the added ones, such as teachers etc. I tend to go for more homemade stuff, eg: hot chocolate cones, making my own gingerbread men and wrapping  and Hampers etc.

But what I do to add a little something special is to go to Hotel Chocolat and invest in their little slabs or their mini packs of 6 choc’s to use in these. So I would put 1 or 2 mini chocolates at the top of the Hot Chocolate cone. Or a little slab inside a family hamper. I tend to find that these are on offers most of the time!

But I do love their novelty gifts at Christmas, Mini Santa’s/ Snowmen/Reindeer’s etc!

So take a look at their website for their Christmas range this year:

Christmas Gifts

Stocking Fillers

The links above cover everything from the very special and expensive to the smaller, more affordable but still very special!!

DISCLOSURE: I was sent a box of their Sleekster  chocolates to try as a gift for a sponsored post.